How Long Does it Take for SEO to Work?

You all might be eager to know how long it would take to get a rank on the SERP as soon as the work has started. However, in reality, answering this question is much tougher than one could think of.

The process of SEO in Brisbane or any other place in the world is extensive. So, it is difficult to predict the exact amount of time it would require for your business to be ranked on the SERP.

The time required depends on multiple aspects. From how long your website has been around, to how much optimization has been done on it previously, and amount of content it has, and even its link profile.

Though it is difficult to measure the exact amount of work done. An expectable scenario for what your SEO efforts might look like during the initial months, including the results, depends on the below-mentioned factors.

1.     Website Age and Influence

Domain age is not a vital factor but attributes associated with how long your website has been functioning.

A former Google engineer Matt Cutts once claimed that domain age has little to do with the ranking process by saying, “Six months difference between two domains is not that big. As long as you have been around it for a couple of months, you would be able to show up in search results”.

Though recent cases show that older domains benefit from SEO quicker than newer ones, the main reason for such results is the older domain’s backlinks. This is what makes them more trustworthy than the newer ones.

2.     Building Links

Building links is quite a task while working on services of SEO in Brisbane, as they are a crucial part of Google algorithms.

However, no matter how tough the task is, you should avoid using black hat tactics i.e., using shortcuts, like content automation, doorway pages, linking schemes, etc., since Google penalty is a high-priced fix. So, the best way to build links is to make engaging quality content regularly.

3.     User-Friendly Layout

A large component of website traffic and ranking also depends upon how friendly your website layout is. If your URL structure or webpage is not properly designed, your page ranking can go down considerably. This will take you much longer to get back to where it was, or you wanted it to be.

Additionally, your website should be mobile optimized as a significant number of internet searches are done through mobile phones. With this feature, you can ensure that the website runs smoothly on all types of devices.

4.     Competitor & Keyword Analysis

Analyzing your competitors can help you learn a lot, especially the ones who dominate the search results. This helps you to know about the keywords, various patterns, and even new strategies, which helps you move ahead towards your goal.

If you are eager to know how long your SEO efforts will take to pay off, you must analyze the level of competition and demand surrounding your product or industry.

There are many tools available to analyze and evaluate the competitors like SEMRush, SpyFu, etc. It helps analyze the competitors’ backlinks overview, traffic numbers, organic and paid keywords, etc.

It is often seen that the ones having a content strategy tend to perform much better than the ones not having one. If your website doesn’t include engaging content, it might take you longer than others to climb up in the SERP. Since search engines can have a more granular understanding of the pages, mapping out a strategy can help you promote the ranking.

If the content quality is not up to Google’s standards, it takes longer to get favorable results. However, if you plan a proper content strategy, it makes your content uncluttered and results in a higher ranking on SERP.

5.      SEO-friendly architecture and design

The most crucial features of your website include its design, URL structure, and CMS system. These factors need to be taken care of; otherwise, they might affect your page ranking. Therefore, you should keep a check on your website’s URL structure and architecture to ensure a good ranking on SERP.

6.     Website Errors, penalties, and other issues

Have you ever thought about fixing all the errors that can improve rankings?

Yes, it is true.

But, unfortunately, sometimes capricious website hosting, SEO errors and Google penalties take a lot of your time to recover.

It comprises of many technical errors –

●        Broken links

●        404 errors

●        301 redirects

●        Uncertain optimization

Fixing these errors will show positive results within a short time. Although search engines don’t index all changes promptly, you might observe changes in some aspects.

7.      On-page and off-page SEO strategies

You can check your on-page and off-page optimization methods to ensure expected results. On-page optimization refers to all the changes done on your website’s elements to make it effectively optimized.

It includes a header, anchor text, title, descriptions, Meta tags, alt tags, etc. By fully optimizing all these aspects, you can see the results within a short time. It will decrease the time taken to generate results from SEO.

Off-page optimization involves blog commenting, guest blogging, social media sharing, high-end directories and citations, etc., to generate results. It takes a little more time than on-page, but it too contributes to improving rankings.


To witness the results of your SEO, you need to make efforts constantly. SEO is a comprehensive process, so you need to be patient while checking and constantly working on it.

SEO undoubtedly takes time to produce results, but it’s all about being patient and doing your thing. If the methodologies and strategies are relevant and loved by Google, your website will undoubtedly get the reward in the long run.

There are capable experts for SEO in Brisbane like who might help you reach the goal sooner in the most effective way possible.

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