What is News
What is News

How News Invented And What is News?

What is news?

News and information include content from local, state, regional, national, and international sources. Some of the more commonly cited definitions include:

The news or published material of general interest Covered in stories, articles, editorials, and comments.

News or content generated or used by the press.

Common uses for the word:

News agencies and journalists produce information to support their practices of gathering, reporting, analyzing, and editing news. 

The news or information content of news agencies is generally subject to approval by the editor. These may be news stories submitted for publication or specific pieces requested by a news agency for posting to its website.

Articles or commentaries written or produced by staff or from a manuscript submitted by outside authors, with or without editorial comment. 

Content for most news and information websites is generally subject to approval by the editor or submitter.

An article (a work of prose, poetry, drama, etc. that is published by an individual or group)



Most “books” (books, magazines, newspapers, websites, etc.) are news or information in some way; some call them “journalism”, but in reality, it is a form of news.

The way many people understand “news” has changed considerably since the advent of mass communications. 

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Now, everyone is a media consumer. We’re looking at news on a television screen, on a computer screen, on an iPod, and we even look at news headlines on the windshield of our cars.

Everyone is interested in the news. In fact, many are consuming more news in today’s rapidly changing media environment than ever before. 

How we read the news and what we interpret from that news is as important now as ever.

Many people create and consume news by reading articles. Others produce news and information that is easily disseminated through blogs, videos, and podcasts. 

However you consume or create news or information, you should know the basic elements of what you are consuming.

“Information” as it appears in various contexts, such as the below information about news and information, does not equal a news story. 

Information, in general, refers to information that has been gathered, organized, and presented in a written or spoken form that tells an event or story.

Good news stories are informative, uplifting, and enjoyable to read. Bad news stories are upsetting, negative, and depressing. There are a lot of other ways to look at and interpret the news.

What is news and information?

A news story, also called a “report,” is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “a detailed narrative of recent events, generally with an apparent or potential public interest.” 

A news story describes an event that has occurred, has an apparent or potential public interest, or has, to some degree, some potential to cause public interest.

For example, when an airplane crashes in the news, that is considered news.

The major news agencies – The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times – are regarded as the “Big Three” national news agencies in the United States. 

Associated Press (AP) is an international news agency headquartered in New York City with offices worldwide. It is one of two major wire services in the United States and is the nation’s largest news gathering organization.

The New York Times Company is one of the world’s largest daily-circulation newspaper companies. 

The New York Times Syndicate is the world’s largest syndicate of newspaper features and commentary. 

The Company also owns The Boston Globe, The International Herald Tribune, and its namesake newspaper in the city, which has one of the most respected and comprehensive media empires in the world.

The Washington Post Company has a wide-ranging news service, including websites, newspapers, magazines, books, and TV.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is a leading news and information publisher in the United States and the provider of Guest posts

The Wall Street Journal is a national newspaper with major news bureaus in New York, Washington, London, Jerusalem, Beijing, and Sydney.

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