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A Quick Cross Country Moving Checklist

It is so important to prepare when moving to any location. It’s even more imperative if you will be moving cross-country. When you are moving a long distance, you can’t simply turn back around to obtain things that you have forgotten. For this reason, creating a cross-country moving checklist is needed before embarking upon what could be a very long journey. Here is what you will need to have on this checklist if you want to be successful.

Start Preparing Two Months Before You Move

This is something that many people fail to do when they are getting ready for a move. They might believe they will have enough time to get everything ready, and they fail to realize that they must organize everything before they go. It needs to be packaged, labeled, and placed in certain areas so that each truck will have the exact items for the new rooms where they will be housed. Therefore, at least eight weeks before you begin your move, you need to pre-plan everything.

Contact Movers

The next part of the process is to contact best interstate movers at least a couple of months before you move. This has to do with how much time they will have available. Even the least busy businesses may not have the exact dates you are looking for if you contact them just a few days before you need their assistance. It is better to get multiple quotes from professional cross country moving services, analyzing each business, and then ultimately choosing one of the businesses to help you. However, it will not be possible unless you can first secure the specific dates you will need to begin your move cross-country to a new destination.

Obtain Packaging Materials Early

The next thing on your list should be obtaining packaging materials. Even though you will likely be able to find scissors, boxes, bubble wrap, scotch tape, packing tape, labels, and everything else that is needed to prepare your merchandise, you may not be able to get all of it. In particular, boxes are often very scarce. There are certain times of the year where people are taking as many of them as they can. That is why it is important to acquire all of these materials long before you decide to pack up everything. You may even have to order things online, and it can take several days, or even weeks, to receive these materials.

Decide On Your Budget

Once you have created a plan of action, contacted the moving companies, and have received all of your packaging materials, you will need to start looking at how much it will cost. Of course, if you have already contacted interstate moving companies, they will have sent you an overview of how much it will use their services. You can easily decide which one to use. What you need to factor in is the cost of the actual move itself outside of the cost of the moving business. This will include how much it will cost for gas, food, and perhaps an overnight stay if you cannot move into your place of residence immediately.

Reserve Storage

Trying to find a storage facility can be just as problematic as finding an available moving company. Although hundreds of these companies are nationwide, it isn’t easy to find an open unit in most cases. Most people place themselves on waiting lists, which can go on for several weeks, if not months, which is why you need to do this early. When you know that you will not have as much space at your new office or home, you may need to consider contacting storage facilities long before you move. One benefit of working with a storage facility is that they will offer various unit sizes for your specific needs. This flexibility ensures you can select the perfect storage solution, whether small for a few items or a larger to store your entire belongings.

Be Sure Of The Date Of Your Move

If you currently have a contract to move into a new location, you need to verify that this is the date. There are some circumstances where the people currently in that home or office will not be able to move as agreed. Therefore, weeks before you move, you will need to contact the business that provides you with this new place of residence. If they can agree that the current tenants will be moved out by that specific date, it is then that you will choose the date and time that you will begin your journey to this new location.

Take Care Of Domestic Issues Before Moving

There are certain things that you do need to have in order before you move. For example, if you are moving to a new state, you need to know how to get a new driver’s license. You will need to have a new PO Box if you do not have mail delivery when you are living or working. Finally, if you have any ailments that need to be tended to before you move, get this done so that you are ready and healthy to perform this sometimes difficult task.

Moving does not have to be a complicated process. You can minimize the complications by planning everything. If you do contact moving companies months before you need to move and create a list of what needs to be done around the same time, you will be more than prepare for what comes next. Be sure to reserve storage space if you needed a couple of weeks before moving and earlier if you need something larger. Take care of all of your domestic issues, including medical issues that need to be resolved, before you begin this transition. A quick cross-country moving checklist should take you no more than a few hours to make. It is an essential tool for ensuring that your move from one location to the next cross-country will be smooth and easy.

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