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How to Pick the Best Promotional Items for Students

For years, college students have been the perfect audience for promotional merchandise. While they are age-stable, they are at a time in their lives when they wish to experiment with new things and love free stuff.

But to maintain unbreakable brand loyalty among this consumer group, you need to choose the best promotional items that will leave a positive impression on them. Top online retailers feature eye-catching promotional products, ideal for marketing events, with most of the target audience being students. Here’s how you can pick the best promotional merchandise for a young demographic, such as students.

Consider the Promotional Event

Typically, students look forward to attending trade fairs and exhibitions to gather information regarding their prospects, such as career and higher studies.

If you wish to use your promotional merchandise at such events, choose the items that will allure the young crowd while strengthening your brand position.

Leading online stores offer items that you will find suitable for various occasions, such as trade shows, conferences, and charity events.

Quality and Usability Are Key

Look for quality promotional items that can become a part of the students’ routine. Once you realise this objective, your brand will reach an extensive student group and spark interest in your offerings.

Leading online outlets offer a wide range of promotional merchandise that score high on durability and usability factors. You will find stylish accessories, including promotional backpacks and USB flash drives, that are sure to allure the youngsters.

You may consider the students’ environment and background, which will help you choose the best suitable promotional products they would love to carry back home.


Go for the Right Customisation

The traditional ways would direct you to get your logo embossed on the promotional products, with your brand name and contact details mentioned on them.

But, the latest trends suggest going for a subtler selling approach, using attractive typography, which typically appeals to the student crowd.

Reputed consultants offer advanced custom branding solutions, such as screen printing and laser engraving. Ensure their techniques provide sharper, crisper prints and create modern graphics that you require for a more effective brand awareness program.

Decide Your Budget

Ideally, dedicating 5% to 10% of your total revenue to marketing can yield promising results. And promotional products are part of that equation.

You may create your marketing budget based on your comfort level and decide the percent of your revenue you would like to spend on promotional merchandise.

And when you have a massive customer base, such as students, you will look for bulk branding opportunities. Trusted online retailers offer bulk order options, with the price reducing with increasing order quantities. Check the services they provide for the quoted price and product category. It will help you decide if the items meet your promotional requirements and planned budget.

Also, check for additional charges, such as shipping costs, if any, to avoid last-minute surprises. Top retailers maintain transparency by mentioning such details on their websites.

Locate a Reputed Online Store

Students are a viable market, and your well-thought promotional products can be the most effective way to reach them.

Find the best online outlet and discuss your branding ambitions and budget. Rest assured, while they can connect to your brand through your giveaways, your marketing efforts will result in a successful campaign.

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