How to avoid dehydration

Dehydration is common, in fact it is exceptionally common! A recent study found that 75% of people living in the western world are dehydrated. Dehydration causes a lot of stress on our bodies and can affect us both physically and psychologically. If you want to perform at your optimum level, hydration should be a key goal for you.

So how exactly are you going to make sure that you prevent dehydration? Well, here we are with a few tips that will allow you to stay hydrated even during the summer heat J

Drink lots and lots of water: Yes obvious we know but in many cases extremely overlooked. Water is one of the essential elements of the human body. About 60% of our body is made up of water. It is an integral part of all biochemical reactions. It also maintains proper blood circulation, digestion and stabilizes our heartbeat. Getting enough water is important for your body to function properly. It will allow your body to stay healthy and is very good for joins and overall health. Whilst it is recommended to drink 8 glasses a day may people do struggle. One trick that has become very popular is to try taking a rehydration drink, the added electrolytes in such drink provide a “multiplier” effect to the water, allowing you to stay more hydrated and for longer.

Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol: There are a lot of liquids that actually contribution to dehydration. Fluids like sugary soda, coffee, beer and hard liquor are the main culprit. They have a lot of sugar content in them that can remove water from the cells of our body. Consider swapping these liquids with water. It will help you prevent dehydration and will also keep your body healthy.

Try considering probiotics: Our body is home to numerous good and bad bacteria. They are present in the skin, mouth and gut. Probiotics are the microorganisms that are found in cultured food like yoghurt. They can help your immune system and also protect you from infections. They also increase the rate of absorption of water by your body. So, you can consume probiotic-rich food to help you with conditions like dehydration.

Eat food having high water content: There are a lot of food items that contain high water content. It may include fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, celery seeds, cucumber, watermelon, spinach, etc. These items have over 90% of water in them, and by consuming fruits and vegetables regularly, you will be able to maintain proper water balance in your body. It will also protect you from becoming dehydrated and will have a really good impact on your body.

Try to stay cool: Proper hydration is not just about water intake. It is more about regulating proper body temperature during summer. It would help if you always tried to wear loose clothes of lighter colours. Try to schedule strenuous activities during the cooler times of the day. Also, protect yourself from the direct rays of the sun by wearing hats and other similar accessories. You can also mist yourself for water if you think that you are overheated.

There are some of the most effective ways to avoid dehydration. But rehydration powders may be the solution, in the modern day where time is at a premium, taking a supplement may be the perfect answer.

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