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How to Build a Data Storage Strategy for Small Businesses

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of data that is needed to run a small business? Between logistics, sales, employee documents, and even media files, a small business can use up a lot of storage space.

To help combat this, you should look into developing a data storage strategy.

Here is where to start and how it can help manage your data more effectively.

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Always Keep at Least One Backup

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to protecting business data is to only have data in one location. If a storage device fails and there is no way to recover it, you can lose out on important files that keep your company running.

For optimal results, keep at least one backup for the sake of redundancy. If you only have one, make sure that it is off-site so that a fire or other natural disaster doesn’t take out both.

This is where something like Amazon’s S3 storage comes into play. Check out the link on what you need to know about their different options.

Organize Your Data

With the files that you do have on a local drive, organize them regularly. This means giving names for files that fit their category and can be easily sorted.

This is for your employees that need to access certain files and were never told where they were. If they need a logistics file, they can assume it is in the logistics folder.

Delete Useless or Sensitive Files

Once a year, take time to go through useless files that serve no purpose. These items are taking up unnecessary space on your limited storage device.

Just like when once a year you go through and shred unnecessary paper documents, files on your computer are no different.

Sensitive files should either be encrypted so they can’t be accessed by just anyone or deleted off of the system and kept in a safe location. Common cyber threats will target sensitive data and use it against your small business.

Utilize Faster Storage Devices

There is now a time where you don’t have to listen to the loud grinding of a mechanical hard drive. Not only were they loud, but they were also extremely slow.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are lowering in price every year, making them more available to everyone. SSDs offer faster read and write speeds than a mechanical hard drive. This means it can boot up programs, files, and even the computer faster.

Form Your Data Storage Strategy Today

Not having a data storage strategy can spell disaster for everyone at your small business. Small businesses are the most likely candidate for cybersecurity attacks. Do you and your business a favor and form a proper data storage strategy today.

If you want to learn more ways to protect your data, then be sure to check out the rest of the blog. Know a fellow business owner who would find this information useful? Share this article with them so they can form their own strategy today.

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