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How To Choose the Perfect Hosting For Business Websites?

If you ever thought of starting with an online business or providing people with online services, you must have ended up with the thought of creating a website. The best tip is to use black Friday deals for Bloggers, that helps you save approx 80%.

But before creating any website, you have to buy a web hosting that suits your requirements and business.

As consumer needs have evolved, web hosting providers have adjusted the plans to meet their demands and requirements. There are many types of hosting servers, but we’re mainly focusing on the shared, VPS, and dedicated hostings.

The most common type used is shared hosting plans which are less complicated and cheap. But all the servers will provide a storage center for your website despite the differences in storage capacity, speed, reliability, etc.

What are Shared,VPS,Dedicated web hostings and how do they differ?

Shared Hosting

Let’s understand sharing hosting with an example of a train. A single train compartment has many berths, and people share the same resources and facilities as the washroom and space. Similarly, sharing hosting shares the server space with hundreds or maybe thousands of sites. And those sites have access to the same resources like CPU time, disk space, Memory, etc as per HongKong news..

It is the perfect economical option for startups as they are inexpensive and static websites like blogging, personal sites which don’t have many requirements and needs like space, bandwidth, and more.As well as it is beginner-friendly , people with minimum technical knowledge can manage it.

But there is another side of the coin, sharing space and CPU time affect the website speed. Also the possibility of getting infected with the virus is high.

VPS (Virtual Private server) Hosting

We talked about owning a berth in a train compartment, but what if you own a whole section of 2 and 6 berths with the benefit of requesting another berth by paying a bit more. In this scenario, purchasing a VPS hosting is like owning the section of the compartment.

Similarly, VPS hosting shares server space with fewer websites as compared to shared hosting. And can request resources from other sites if they aren’t using their full allotment with the help of a hypervisor (also known as virtual machine monitor).

Websites like small online stores, e-commerce websites with the essential need of high security, good performance can surely go for VPS as an option.

But we need a bit of technical knowledge when it comes to handling VPS as it is a bit more costly than shared hosting as it has more features.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting gives clients full access to the server without sharing it with any other site. The client gets root access and total control over choosing the server hardware and software, including OS choices.

With all this access and space comes performance, speed, and security. In this scenario, purchasing dedicated hosting is like owning the whole compartment of the train, no theft, no sharing of the space.

But as compared to shared and VPS, dedicated hosting is too expensive and needs skilled people to manage the server.

Price: Let’s differentiate them on the basis of some key elements 

Top 3 web hosting companies on the basis of their ratings by people alongside price and benefits for the specific hosting type are mentioned below

Shared hosting providers

Provider Price  Benefits
Interserver.net $2.50/month
  1. 30 Days money back guarantee
  2. Lighting Fast Loading Speed
  3. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  4. Unlimited Technical Support
verpex $ 5.99
  1. Free Domain & Free SSl Certificates
  2. LiteSpeed Web Server
  3. 24/7 Technical Support & Free Migrations
  4. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  5. 60 Days money back guarantee
Accu web hosting $ 3.09 /month
  1. cPanel Access
  2. Supporting Over 100K+ Businesses
  3. Works On Any Platform
  4. Excellent support service

VPS hosting Providers

Provider Price  Benefits
Interserver.net $6.00  

  1. Flexible, Cloud Virtual Private Servers With Root Access
  2. Over 400 Apps Are Available For 1-Click Installs
  3. Customizable Resources On Vps Cloud (Cpu Cores, Memory, Storage, Transfer)
  4. 24/7 Available Epic Support
Webdock $5.00
  1. Fast Scalable Linux Cloud VPS Servers
  2. Ubuntu Linux Vps Servers With Full Root Access And Dedicated Ips
  3. Free Backups, Ssl Certificates, Email Forwarding, And Bot Protection
  4. 99% Compatibility With Almost All Web Applications And Software
  5. 24-Hour Free Trial
Scalahosting $9.95
  1. Fully Managed And Self-Managed, Affordable Cloud Vps
  2. Up To 8 Cpu Cores, 16 Gb Ram, 320 Gb Ssd, And Unmetered Bandwidth
  3. 1-Click Installer For Over 250 Apps
  4. Fast 24/7/365 Available Expert Support
  5. Over 50,000 Customers And 700,000 Hosted Websites

Dedicated hosting Providers

Provider Price Benefits
Bluehost $ 79.99
  1. Free domain for first year
  2. Free SSL certificate
  3. RAID storage
  4. Root access
  5. Fast provisioning (24-72 hours)
  6. cPanel interface
  7. Multi-server management
  8. Access control
  9. Database management
HostGator 1.    Fully Managed And Self-Managed, Affordable Cloud Vps

2.    Up To 8 Cpu Cores, 16 Gb Ram, 320 Gb Ssd, And Unmetered Bandwidth

3.    1-Click Installer For Over 250 Apps

  1. DDoS protection
  2. 100% network uptime guarantee
  3. Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  4. RAID 1 storage
  5. Uncapped bandwidth
  6. Local MySQL server
  7. Ubuntu Linux
  8. Reseller and sub account features


Factors That Every Business Should Account For

If you want to choose the perfect hosting for business website, we recommend to account for following factors:

  1. Security
  2. Performance
  3. Scalability
  4. Resource allocation


It is confirmed that all web hosting companies are good but definitely, not every hosting fits your requirements.

If you have budget, you can try multiple options, but when you are about to start a blog in India, you cannot take chances.

Check for resources, uptime, speed and freebies. If a hosting company is cheap but not providing a free domain, you need to pay an extra $10.

Same goes for SSL and CDN also. But if a hosting initially sounds a bit costly but offers all other items for free, you will save a huge cost.

Business hosting needs email and better security, that Bluehost provides. You get free email hosting for your staff. Instead of using generic emails, a professional email has better impact and conversion.

If your hosting doesn’t provide free email hosting, you have to pay extra bucks. Hence we strongly recommend you to compare the plans well.

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