How to Deal With a Micromanager Boss

In a company leadership, micromanagement is a style that is not only counterproductive, but can also be damaging to the effectiveness of the team underneath it’s boss. While being more active in the everyday tasks of the team can make a manager feel more in control, this can make their team feel as though they’re not trusted, undermined or disgruntled at some point. When the pressure of a micromanaging boss causes productivity, as well as morale, to deteriorate, further mistrust may stifle work production on either side of the manager-employee interaction.

Even as an employee struggling with a boss breathing down their neck at every corner, there are ways to communicate your problems in a professional manner without creating a larger wedge with the boss. Actually, there are some practical techniques to enhance the work relationship.

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Below are a few steps to take to begin this process.

Ask The Boss How You Can Do Things Better?

It’s better to be straightforward. Inquire about what you can do to better meet your manager’s requirements. They may already feel you are doing an adequate job. After stating that your goal is to boost cooperation and support, tell your boss that you’ll be most effective if you’re allowed the time and liberty to do so. To avoid a lingering boss, suggest that both you schedule a weekly meeting to go over all necessary job-related tasks. Doing this can make both you and your boss feel more relaxed.

Look at it As if You Were In Their Shoes

Try to understand the motivations behind your boss’s micromanaging tendencies by looking at the situation from his or her point of view. For instance, consider the following: What are the main goals of this project? What do they think the chances of succeeding in this project are? What are your non-negotiables? What information do you want to get and how frequently do you want to receive it?

Stay Positive and Be Specific

Seeking a positive solution can help you have a constructive talk with your manager. In doing this, you want to identify particular behaviors without passing judgment. When such actions are aimed at you, express how you feel to your boss and how it impacts your feelings toward your job. From there, you want to be specific and ask for the behaviors you want to see in the future.

Offer Feedback and a Solution

Provide straightforward comments to your boss about his micromanaging ways, but never use that specific term. Concentrate on the behavior and how it impacts you. For example, you can explain how the time you spend putting together constant updates hinders you from doing your tasks on time. Also, be prepared to offer a new plan that can work for both you and the boss.

Understand Your Boss’s Long-Term Goals

Inquire about your manager’s expectations for a specific project. It will prepare you and your boss for the future and align your coals. If it’s a success, then what is the perfect conclusion? If you can prove to your boss that you are both focused on the same goal, they may relinquish their tight grasp on the reins.

What is the Core Cause?

Micromanaging is a common management style for certain supervisors, but it may also be the consequence of an employee’s work style. If this is happening to you, attempt to figure out why. Are you not delivering on what is expected of you? Are the expectations too high? Finding out the answer to these questions can give you the answers you’re looking for.

Be Prepared For the Unexpected and Perform Above Expectations

When a boss micromanages an employee, it generally is the result of a lack of trust or confidence in themselves or others. Try to figure out what your boss wants and be prepared for the unexpected, and deliver more than what is expected. This will build trust over time and you will see less and less micromanaging as well.

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