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How To Find A Good SEO Consultant

The first step to gaining recognition online for your business or brand is realizing that in order to survive the competition against other top websites, you’ll need SEO. SEO when done right can help pretty much any website rank on Google’s first page as well as other search engines when certain keywords are being searched for. Learning SEO takes a lot of time and dedication. The reason for that is Google is constantly changing its algorithm so this means an SEO strategy that worked some 3 years ago may be obsolete today that’s why SEO Australia SEO experts and consultants try to stay updated in order to stay relevant in that online space.

Here’s the thing, you are a businessman/woman and as such, it doesn’t matter whether you run a small business or large business there’s one thing you lack and that thing is time. Because you don’t have enough time on your hands you may not be able to perform SEO on your website and still be able to cater for your business’s needs. In that case, you’ll need an SEO expert agency or SEO consultant to handle the SEO needs of your business.

Did you know that looking for the best SEO consultant for your business isn’t as easy as it seems? Finding the right SEO consultant will require time and thoughtful consideration. Hence, in today’s blog post, I’ll be teaching you all you need to know about finding SEO consultants so you don’t end up making a bad choice for your business or company.

How to Find a Good SEO Consultant

Ask people you trust

Searching for a good SEO consultant from the scratch without any reference or recommendation is a daunting task to carry out. Because you won’t be able to tell which consultant is better since you don’t have any word you can rely on.

One of the best ways to get a good SEO consultant for your business is to ask people in your inner circle—your inner circle has people you know and trust. Word of mouth still plays an important role and people will most likely recommend a good consultant rather than a bad one based on past experience. Hence, having a few recommendations will help you filter SEO consultants from the thousands of SEO consultants you can find online.

Search on Google

Sometimes the referrals you get from people close to you may be good but not really the best and that’s where this step comes in. In addition to the referrals you have received, go online and search on Google for the SEO consultants.

If your trusted friend’s recommendation pops up on your search that’s a good sign. But then, you’ll still have to be cautious because an SEO firm or company could rank in Google and still not be the best and that also doesn’t mean they are not either.

Analyze online directories

While searching on Google, also click on a few directories like UpCity, Clutch,, Thumbtack, etc., for reputable SEO consultants in your niche. The good thing about using directories to find SEO consultants is that they don’t only tell you the name of the SEO company but you’ll also be privileged to gain information about other things concerning the company such as their specialities, reviews from their clients, and price.


Just like I mentioned above, looking for a good SEO consultant for your business is usually not an easy task, it’s similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Hence, you’ll have to be very careful—analyze the reviews from your trusted friends and business partners, do online searches, and also check the reviews of all the results you were able to come up with. If the reviews are mostly positive then it’s possible you have found a good SEO consultant.

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