How to Get More Results Out of Your Video Maker

How to Get More Results Out of Your Video Maker

Today, the average human spends a lot of time online watching videos. It has become prevalent in this digital world that even little children as young as 2-years-old watch videos on their mobile gadgets. Thus, it is not surprising to find out that studies show videos comprise 73% of all online traffic. This means when people use the internet; they most likely watch videos. For this reason, you need to rely on your video maker to create stunning works of art that wow your audience. You’ve got a lot of competition that you need to outshine. 

It’s not surprising why video reigns supreme in terms of content. After all, people find it easier to watch and understand than read a lengthy blog post. Moreover, audio-visual content stimulates all the senses, making it a powerful communication tool to send messages. If you want to impact and increase audience engagement, you need to amplify your video-making strategies. If you wish to boost your company’s content marketing plans, create an extra income stream by monetizing videos, or simply share videos on your feed, it will help use best practices. To help you out, consider these practical tips to help you boost your video-making capabilities. With these tips, you will get better results from your video maker.  

Begin with a Plan

So you can fully optimize your video maker, you must begin with a plan. More than the quality of your output, what your content includes has more impact. Of course, high-quality videos wow the crowd. However, the solid foundation that this rests on is your content. Pay attention to it by taking note of the following:

Layout your goals

Ask yourself what you intend to achieve with your video. Will you entertain people with humor? Are you promoting a new product? Do you want them to visit your landing page? Before you move forward, set your objectives. From there, you can determine which tools in your video maker will help your project. 

Take note of your target audience

It’s impossible to target everyone around the globe, though it is a lofty goal. Figure out who your ideal viewers are as a clear vision assures better messages. Your audience can help you write the script, plan the storyboard, and make the editing effects with your video editor. Moreover, this determines which platforms to distribute the video. Remember, each forum has its limits, so you need to keep this in mind when you’re editing with your video maker. 

Appeal to strong emotions

Something that resonates with the viewers’ hearts makes the most impact. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to make sure your videos appeal to emotions. Content the triggers these feelings drive people to carry through with your calls to action (whether it’s to buy your product, check out your page, etc.). Through this method, you can also expand your brand’s reach as good videos get more shares, likes, and comments. 

Pay Attention to Light Quality

When you’re shooting your videos, pay attention to lighting. However, even if you have already shot your videos in the best conditions, you can still end up with dark clips. If you find yourself in this situation, use your video maker to enhance the image quality. You can do the following:

  • Modify the contrast
  • Increase brightness
  • Tweak color saturation
  • Fix color imbalance

Remember, if your audience cannot see your videos clearly, they will not continue watching them. As a result, all your hard work goes to waste. For best results, make sure you always have ample light when you’re shooting and enhance the images with your online video editor. 

Select the Best Background

Most video content creators make the fatal mistake of never analyzing the theme for background. Your story backdrop helps set the mood. It contributes to your message and helps your brand. Moreover, the background you choose can affect the quality of your final video. Take note of these two backgrounds you can use:


These backgrounds include real-life settings like an office, a stage, or an outdoor setup. This means working with your setting as you shoot the video. Make sure the background does not look cluttered, or it will distract that audience. If you inadvertently shoot with a terrible background, use your video maker to crop out unwanted parts. 


This pertains to fake backgrounds like curtains, screens, or boards. They do add great consistency to your work. You can also use a free background template from your video maker to ensure your editing life’s a breeze. 

To sum up, whatever background you choose, make sure that everything in your frame doesn’t crash. Harmony and balance is the key to a good video. However, this doesn’t mean going for something monotonous that bores that audience. 

Leverage What You’ve Got

Unless you want to make video content creation your full-time work, you can use your existing equipment. Even your phone cameras can shoot great quality videos, so you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, you can optimize your online video maker to assure high-quality output. With this digital solution, you don’t have to buy an expensive computer or pay for high-end software licenses. You can make amazing videos using the following features:

  • Add stunning effects, animations, and transitions.
  • Pick from many stunning pre-designed templates.
  • Incorporate your chosen icons, graphics, and images.
  • Try narrative voice-overs for clearer explanations.
  • Mix in musical scoring for more flair and drama.
  • Include typography that matches your goals.

Last But Not Least, Work on Sound Quality

Finally, don’t forget that videos don’t merely pertain to moving images. You need to work on the audio component, too. If your audience cannot understand the actors on screen, they will cease watching your work. Pay attention to sound-dubbing and take out background noise with the aid of your video editor. If the words from your clips are inaudible, consider adding a voice-over by clicking this feature on your dashboard. You can also add copyright-free music from your video maker’s library to enhance your work. With these elements, you can indeed create video content that catches the modern audience’s elusive attention. 

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