Enails for Dabs

Enails for Dabs: Are They Worth the Cost?

In 2014, a few states in the US like Washington and Colorado legalized for recreational purposes. Dabbing and the use of cannabis concentrates like butane hash oil (BHO) and rosin has risen tremendously. Although in the past concentrates were consumed through hot knives, conventional tobacco joints or spliff, or a mesh-screened pipe. Nowadays, there’s an abundance of dabbing utensils that are skillfully crafted to cater to all your concentrate needs.

The dabbing game has rampant in the last few years and professional dabber’s repertoire has also become intricate. Enails are part of the entire device. Those who use enails don’t struggle with torches and trial and error to achieve the best temperature for dabs.

An e-nail is the short term for an electronic nail. It is an electronic vaporizer created and designed for wax concentrate consumption. It has been in existence for several years now. It became more noticeable soon after the cannabis concentrate era started taking off. However, its prevalence in the scene has been inconsistent as it is expensive and difficult to find.

Before splurging, let’s find out the benefits of an enail and if it’s worth the investment.

Makes Dabbing Easier

Using an enail eliminates the need to use butane which makes dabbing easier. You just have to turn it on and wait, an easy task that anyone can engage in. Although butane can be easily available, consider the amount of money that you have to spend on it. Not to mention the hassle of heating the nail with a blowtorch for a big dab, and how disgusting it feels to sting your lungs with a hot nail.

No Need to Store Blowtorch in the House

Although it’s safe to store a blowtorch in the house, it still demands safety precautions. It is capable of producing an enormous amount of heat so eye protection and the wearing of gloves are a must. If possible, keep a fire extinguisher handy at all times. Never use a match or lighter when lighting the torch to prevent any fire hazard from occurring.

Perfect Dabs every time

Unlike blowtorch, enails use electricity to heat a heating component to a favorable or optimal temperature for vaporization. Using an enail is more efficient, much safer, than a traditional dab rig. Most dabbers opt to use this device for vaporizing concentrates.

Prices Vary from Affordable to Expensive

Recently, several enails came out and started to dominate the market. If you are looking for specific features there are a variety of choices to choose from. If you’re after the design, warranty, heating element, or temperature calibrator, you could look them up online. Most dabbers though prefer an enail dab kit because the full set has everything you need. Some offer a little kick of personality. Prices vary providing a great option that would fit your budget.

Helps You Save

The initial investment may involve a hefty amount but will keep you to a minimum cash flow in the long run. First, it eliminates the need for a blowtorch, so you don’t have to shell out for the replacement from time to time. Since an enail maintains optimal temperature, it allows you to conserve your concentrates.

What are the Components of an Enail Dab Kit?

  • PID Controller. It is responsible for adjusting the heat temperature of the coil using the control panel dials. The unit has an on/off switch. This is called the brain of the entire dab kit.
  • Heating coil. This is connected to the PID controller with two different sizes that can fit 16mm or 20mm titanium nail or quartz banger. The thermocouple temperature sensor that it contains allows sending real-time data of the coil’s temperature back to the PID unit. The heating process of the coil controllably gradual which makes it safer to use than a torch.
  • Power Cable. It connects both to a power socket and PID controller. Depending on which country the enail dab kit will be used, the power cable comes in a different format.
  • Quartz Banger/Titanium nail. Like any titanium nails or quartz banger used for dabbing, the working mechanism is the same – passing the heat from the heat source to the bangers. Once the temperature reaches 500°F and up, you can put the concentrates in it so it will vaporize.
  • Dab rig. The dab rig of your choice is always included when you purchase an enail dab rig bundle kit.

We understand that enails are not for everyone especially the danger of extremely high temperature. Using this device requires a certain degree of responsibility and the presence of another user. The device is relatively expensive but saves you some cash after the initial investment. You can check all available resources for further details.

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