How to get your YouTube channel monetized in 2021

Most of the people want to be famous on YouTube and earn via this amazing social media platform. There are billions of people across the globe who use YouTube to watch engaging content, get information about any product or service or for the sake of entertainment. If you want to grab the attention of these people, then you need to create a YouTube channel. Most of the people are having their YouTube channels but they find it hard to reach target audience.

Beginners start their YouTube channel and post content over it regularly. They work hard in creating content and spend hours in making it attractive using various tools. Despite of posting attractive content, they do not get views and subscribers and they get disappointed after posting few videos.

Well, YouTube monetization has never been easier. It seems easy task, but it requires a lot. This is not just about posting content and wait for people to come and watch your video own their own. You have to put efforts to make people reach your channel or find you.

Criteria for YouTube monetization

Your channel should have 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers within one year of launching your channel. You can only be eligible to monetize your channel If you meet the criteria. But it is not easy to get watch time of 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers. You need to promote your YouTube channel to reach target audience.

How difficult it is for starters to monetize YouTube channel

Beginners do not have an idea about YouTube channel promotion tactics. They do not use keywords, proper description and title while posting their videos. It is important to know all about keywords and their importance in YouTube video promotion. They should work on so many techniques to promote YouTube content and increase watch hours. There are some free ways to get views and subscribers, check the details below

  1. Create an attractive video using clear and relevant images. It is good to use your own voice or face to get good rankings in search results on YouTube.
  2. Use relevant and precise keywords in title and description while posting videos. You should use keywords tools to search for right keywords with maximum searches and volumes.
  3. Use various social media platforms to share your video and drive traffic to your channel. You can share your YouTube video link on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and many such platforms where you can find audience interested in video content. This is how you can increase views and subscribers.
  4. It is a good idea to post content frequently so that your subscribers can get something interesting from your channel.

Buy YouTube Subscribers and Watch-Time

Though, people try all the above-mentioned tricks, but sometimes they find it difficult to meet eligibility criteria. In this situation, you can buy YouTube Subscribers and watch-hours directly from a reputed site to fulfil the criteria to monetize your channel.  If you want to, then sites like Socioblend can help you achieve Youtube Monetization Criteria.

Conclusion: If you are in no hurry, you can create good quality videos which are interesting to watch and promote it on your social media profiles. Over few months if luck is on your side, you will achieve the YouTube Monetization Eligibility criteria. But if you want things to be quickly over and get the monetization for your channel asap, then you can use the services of third party websites and purchase Watch-hours and Subscribers instantly.

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