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NuWave Research: Industrial Microwave Solutions

NuWave Research provides innovative industrial microwave solutions to customers looking for efficient large-scale vacuum microwave dehydration and microwave-assisted processing. By tailoring its technology to the customer’s needs, NuWave helps processors realize a streamlined operation, increased capacity, and improved product quality.

Vacuum Microwave Dehydration

Traditionally, processors are faced with a trade-off; they can accelerate the dehydration process by applying greater heat and air flow to their products. This added heat and air flow come at the cost of reducing efficiency as well as degrading the chemical and structural integrity of their product. NuWave circumvents this quality-speed-efficiency trade-off using its vacuum microwave dehydration (VMD) technology which allows product to be processed rapidly and at low temperatures.

There are two core components of NuWave’s vacuum microwave dehydration technology. Firstly, NuWave uses a customized integrated vacuum system to remove moisture with minimal heat applied to the product, preserving the nutritional integrity and flavour. Secondly, NuWave uses a patented method for distributing microwaves with superior precision. The result is a dried product with greater consistency.

New Processing Applications

When NuWave was first established in 2009, the focus was on its patented vacuum microwave dehydration (VMD) technology. As its business grew, customers approached NuWave for applications beyond dehydration. NuWave’s team rose to the challenge, resulting in microwave assisted organic synthesis (MAOS) being added to its growing list of solutions.

Microwave assisted organic synthesis applies microwaves to organic compounds in a precise manner to catalyze chemical reactions and create new marketable products. This is possible because microwaves can rapidly heat organic compounds like fibers, proteins, sugars and fats. When two or more of these compounds are paired under this heat, chemical reactions can occur to create new, high value products.

Tailored Solutions for a Competitive Edge

NuWave tailors its technology to serve a variety of customers, including farmers, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, inorganic materials processors, and R&D organizations. Along with providing faster, more efficient processing with greater quality and yield, NuWave’s machines:

  • are modular and designed for scalability.
  • contain an intuitive user interface with real-time customer support.
  • provide real-time analytics that can be easily integrated.
  • reduce carbon footprints.

An Expert Team Driving Innovation

NuWave’s team contains the comprehensive range of expertise required to develop, manufacture and deploy custom-built solutions. This team includes food scientists, engineers spanning various disciplines, automation specialists and Red Seal fabricators.

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