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Top 10 games from Germany

There are various types of games played in Germany. From a practical viewpoint, a German market is a profitable place for bettors. You can enjoy a wide range of options as far as sports events are concerned.

Here is the list of 10 games from Germany that you can consider.

Fussball or Football

The German term for football is Fussball. There is no speck of doubt that it is the most popular sport in the country. It has always ranked at the top of the list.

The Bundesliga is the national league where multiple teams clash against each other. You get lots of opportunities to bet in different matches. Also, when you utilize the platform of a reliable service provider like Bonusfinder Deutschland, you get bonuses, too.

Focus on Fussball in order to aim for the profits that you have planned to earn via the betting strategies you have.


Golf might seem like an undermined sport in the German market. But, practically, it is not. There are tons of scopes to earn from betting when you consider golf events. You have to place the betting strategies on the right platforms.

There is no harm to learn a bit about the game. If you already have the requisite knowledge, then it is a lovely thing to leverage on.

Moreover, when you dig through the net, you can avail lucrative bonuses from reliable resources. Try to utilize them with clear strategies. The winnings can be very promising.

Eishockey or Ice Hockey

It is another exciting game that is very popular in the German market – Ice Hockey. The German term for the sport is Eishockey. You would love to try out your betting strategies in this sport.

You simply have to gather relevant information about the domestic league and various players. It certainly helps to form betting strategies. It is useful, too, to read about the dynamics of the game in recent years.

The information you collect genuinely helps you in forming betting ploys, implementing those effectively. The returns are quite good.


Did you think that basketball is only popular in the US? Germany is an excellent market for basketball, too! In fact, the US teams commission German basketball players. There is a domestic league in Germany.

You can check out the details and accordingly place the bets to gain huge profits. Trust us on this – the winnings could really be huge. You need to have a clear focus on using the bonuses as strategically as possible. The returns are high. You would be surprised to see how much you can win when you have a clear plan.

Formel 1 or Formula 1

You should not have any doubt regarding the popularity of Formula 1 sporting events in Germany. The German term for Formula 1 is Formula 1. There is a lot of excitement in the game. It is genuinely action-packed.

Betting in Formel 1 is pretty thrilling. You would enjoy trying out new betting strategies in the arena. Remain prepared about sudden changes of dynamics within the event. You have to quickly improvise the tactics to remain on a winning streak.

It is intelligent to gather relevant information about the races in recent times before you focus on implementing the betting strategies.


The inclusion of Handball in the list might surprise you. But, it is indeed one of the popular games in Germany. You would be very impressed by the potential of getting positive returns by placing bets in the handball matches.

There are, like any other sport, definite rules and regulations of the game. So, it is wise to know the details before you focus on implementing the betting ploys. It would obviously be beneficial for you.

Remain calm. Watch the movements. Try to collect valuable information. Work on the data. Use the bonuses judiciously. There are indeed huge returns.


Tennis has always been one of the top sports in Germany. You can never undermine the tremendous impact of the game on German market.

There are plenty of matches played throughout the year. There is actually no dearth of options for you. Betting is flexible. You can pick the event you prefer. There is full liberty. Rely on the services of a top website. Gather the required information. It is needless to say that the profit margins from betting are huge.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey, just like Ice Hockey, is a very popular game in Germany. You get ample opportunities to place bets, according to a set plan.

The game always provides you scope to win big, by intelligently using the bonuses. You have to dig through the right platforms to get hold of bonuses that can create the stage for big winnings.

You would be delighted with the results. Also, the supply of opportunities in the betting market is unlimited.


There is no denial of the fact that Germany is a country where cycling is hugely popular. There are many cycling races held each year. It is suggested to target the bigger events when you are trying to use the betting ploys to the fullest extent.

The returns will put a broad smile on your face. You would be content with the profit margins. Keep in mind to always have clear strategies while using the bonuses. It also benefits you in the long term.


You must never miss betting on boxing events when you are dealing in the German market. It is a country where like other sports, boxing is popular, too. There is a constant supply of bonuses in the betting circuit. You would be more than satisfied with the availability of opportunities.

Try to keep the strategies pretty versatile. Make the right moves to earn big. Also, it is important to rely on a reputable betting platform. There should be some credibility.

Keep some strategies under the sleeves. Apply them according to the situation in the match or event.

Take expert advice

There is no harm in seeking expert advice when you want to bet in the German market. Consult with a professional service provider with several years of experience in the industry.

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