Full Spectrum Grow Glasses

How to Go About Finding the Best Full Spectrum Grow Glasses

You really can’t take chances with your eyes, as we only get one pair to last our entire lives. Whether you’re spot welding, going out in the sun or doing a spot of joinery, you need the appropriate gear to ensure that your eyes are fully protected. The same applies when walking into a grow room and it’s important in this instance to have the best full spectrum grow glasses for the job in hand.

But how do you know which products are the best and which aren’t so good? Well, like with any type of product it’s all about doing your homework and getting the necessary knowledge so that you know what you’re actually looking for. In this blog, we take a closer look at the subject and give you an idea of the characteristics you need to be looking for to make an informed decision when buying yours.

Grow Glasses Need to Be Light Specific

The first thing is perhaps the most important when making your decision on which of those available are the best full spectrum grow glasses for you. It’s to make sure that the glasses that you’re buying offer the proper full spectrum UV protection for the lights you’re using.

Buying full spectrum glasses is a good place to start, but then you’ll need to be ensuring that the glasses you’re using provide protection against the specific LED lights that you have. If you’re not sure, ask for clarification from the vendor you’re buying from.

The Quality of the Lenses

Our next point is one that applies to many different products and it’s about investing in quality. There are products where it doesn’t matter that much if you go for an economy brand, but as far as grow glasses are concerned, we’d recommend going for a higher quality supplier.

Why? Well, it’s all about the lens quality, as it’s the part that really matters when it comes to eye protection. The higher the quality of the lens, the easier it will be to see comfortably in the grow room environment and the less chance there is of you suffering any kind of eye damage. It’s not by accident that the best full spectrum grow glasses tend to be mid to upper range in terms of cost.

Durability & Style

You’ll also have a much better chance of finding the most appropriate grow glasses for your needs if you focus on getting a long-lasting durable pair. Any type of glasses can get sat on or dropped and you don’t want them falling apart when you do (another argument for getting a more expensive brand).

Style is another consideration, but we’re not talking about how they look with your outfit! What we actually mean by this is that the best type to get is the ‘wrap-around’ style that provides protection for the eyes from all directions.


When you’ve got a range of products that offer all of the above, sometimes the most suitable product is one that offers the most comfort. Often, the best full spectrum grow glasses for you personally will be those that fit properly. Just like when you wear a pair of regular glasses, if you get a pair that’s either too big or too small and you wear them for long enough, you’re going to experience issues.

Get a pair that is too small and you can end up with headaches and if you go too big, they’re likely to keep falling off, so it’s a matter of buying a pair that sits somewhere in the middle and that perfectly suits the dimensions of your face.

The Best Full Spectrum Grow Glasses Depends On You

So, it’s pretty evident even at first glance, that there’s more to buying grow glasses than finding a pair you like the look of and going ahead and buying them. You need to think about comfort, style, protection offered, the LED grow lights that are being used and the overall quality of the product.

This has been a brief look at what is quite a complicated subject, but we hope that we’ve given you enough to go on when buying yours.

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