How to improve your child’s grades in school?

Every child is bound to get a low mark on an assignment at some or the other point during their school years. What’s important here is how you build your child’s resilience, confidence and how they re-work on it. Here are some ways to handle things when your child gets a bad grade and make them do better next time:

  1. Be calm and go back a step

Your child may be upset about the grade, especially if they perform well. Hence, you should stay calm. If you scold them while they are upset, they will get defensive and an argument may start. Hence, it is suggested to take a step back and give them a chance to calm down till they clear their mind and get ready to talk about it.

  1. Know the reason why it happened

After your child is ready to talk, ask questions, but don’t interrogate. This may make them defensive and toughen the situation. Ask open ended questions so that your child can openly talk about what went wrong with the assignment and where they need help.

  1. Assess mistakes

Check the assignment and review their mistakes. Use it as a learning opportunity to revisit the books to search for answers and enhance their knowledge.

  1. Better time management and organization

Make your child get organized to keep a track of notes, learning materials and due dates. Prepare a daily study schedule and make separate notebooks for every subject. Prepare a calendar with important dates so that they can prepare accordingly.

  1. Get constant feedback from their teacher

Your child’s teacher will tell you about your child’s habits in class. They will let you know if they concentrate or not or if they struggle with any subject. Often poor behavior towards study may be a reason for poor grades.

  1. Request for extra credit assignment

Extra credit assignment is a great way to improve your child’s grade and comprehension of the topic. You can ask for it from the class teacher.

  1. Consider hiring one-on-one lessons with a tutor

If your child is struggling in a subject and they need additional help, you can hire a private tutor for them who can work with your child apart from school hours. One-on-one tutor will customize and explain the material to your child and help them learn and understand the topic better. Check out Read Write Think to explore private tutoring options.

  1. Consider homeschooling

If your child is constantly getting bad grades, it means he/ she is unable to cope up with the course. School teachers cannot dedicate all their hours to one child. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any other option. You can go for homeschooling. It will give your child the luxury to learn things at their own pace. In order to know about homeschooling in Ontario in detail, check out Read Write Think website.

A lot of factors lead to bad grades. As a parent, you should find out the reason and make efforts to work on them for a better future of your child.

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