How to Install Golf Club Extensions

How to Install Golf Club Extensions

People use golf extensions for many reasons. They may want to increase the golf shaft length if they have bought used clubs or a sand wedge, or they may simply want to try out different shaft lengths. If you plan on using a second-hand golf club or want to keep your club for a few more years, lengthening the shaft with an extender is an excellent DIY for you. In any case, you must know how to add golf club extensions before starting. It is essential that you read about how to cut a golf shaft or how to extend it before getting started. 

How to Install the Extensions

Before you start, it is recommended that you either cut or save the grip of the club. Usually, the grip is attached with tape. Remove the excess tape as well before installing the extensions. 


Firstly, you will need an extension. Most people use an old golf shaft if it matches with the golf club. It is important that you find an extension that matches the golf club’s dimensions (for example, diameter). Next, you will need epoxy and acetone. To mix the epoxy, we recommend that you use an epoxy board and a paintbrush. This will ensure that the process is smooth. Also, you will need paper towels too. 


Start by placing the hooked blade under the grip. While cutting the grip, make sure you cut vertically. During the process, be careful as you might scratch the shaft. Once you have made the cut, grab the grip from the bottom and take it off. 

Once you have taken off the grip, there will be some grip tape attached to the shaft. Carefully peel it off with your hand. You do not need to use any tool for this as it will come off easily. If it does not, you can apply a little heat – which will loosen the tape. For heating, it is recommended that you use a blow-dryer. 

Next, take out some epoxy on the epoxy board and mix it with the end of the paintbrush. Apply it at the end of the extension. Make sure that you apply on the outside of the extension and put some inside as well. Insert the extension in the shaft. While doing so, rotate the extender and push it in the shaft. You can also tap the end of the club on the floor to ensure that the extender is in place.

If the epoxy overflows, put some acetone on the paper towels and wipe off the excess from the shaft. Allow it to dry for a couple of hours. 

To get the desired length, cut it to length. You can use a hacksaw for this. Once the desired size has been achieved, place the grip again on the golf club.  


If you know how to extend and cut a golf shaft, you can easily do it at home and save hundreds of dollars. Why buy a new golf club when you can extend your old one? However, be careful while extending as it may change the lie angle. 

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