How to Improve Communication When Dating

How to Improve Communication When Dating

We have all heard before that communication is the key to any relationship, whether you met at a bar or on a platform such as eharmony. It is true. Without communicating properly, building a healthy relationship will never be possible. Have you ever seen a couple that has a great understanding without communication? That is simply impossible. If you have to find the right partner, but you feel you both do not communicate well, keep reading to find out how you can improve communication while dating.

What is Communication?

We usually believe that communication means expressing our feelings. That is true, but it also means listening to others while they are trying to communicate their ideas. Listening to your partner is as important as speaking your heart to him or her. 

Open-Ended Questions

‘How was your day?’, ‘How are you feeling?’, ‘Tell me more about yourself’ – these are a few common examples of open-ended questions. To improve communication, experts say that you should focus on such questions. It will allow your partner to share more with you. However, do not pressurize. Your partner may not be comfortable with sharing a lot of details, and that is fine.

Non-Verbal Communication

You necessarily do not have to wait for your partner to speak everything. Human beings are capable of judging the mood and feelings of others just by looking. For instance, if your partner says that he or she had a good day but looks sad, you can always ask if anything happened during the day. Keep in mind that communication is just not only about words but also how we speak and talk.

The Needs Strategy

Sometimes, it is essential for you to tell your partner what you need. There are many times when we expect something from our partner, who has no clue. In such circumstances, it is best to tell your partner what you need. This will also allow your partner to decide whether he or she wants to accommodate those needs or not.

How Much to Communicate?

New couples are often confused regarding how much they should talk. In this matter, no rule exists for determining how much one should communicate. Some couples are not always talking, but then there are also those partners who stay in touch the whole day. It is all up to you both, whatever you think works best for you both. 

Take Out Time

Partners are so busy in their routines that they do not feel they need to take out some time to talk. But it is crucial. You may want to watch something together and communicate during that time or maybe go out for a  walk. Prioritizing communication is important. 


If you are looking to building a long-lasting relationship, you need to understand the importance of communication. People say that communicating your feelings is a skill, and you can always improve. Communicate with your partner and work together. Make sure you talk as well as listen.  

Remember, that relationships are a two-street, and communication can help you bridge gaps that can solidify your relationship. 

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