Nezuko and zenitsu great 8m

Nezuko and zenitsu great 8m

Nezuko and zenitsu great 8m Do you wonder what makes the characters Nezuko and Zenitsu so great? Have you seen the anime Demon Slayer and experienced the powerful eight meters of Nezuko and Zenitsu? This article will take a look at the amazing power of Nezuko and Zenitsu, which are known as their great 8m. We will explore the characters and discover what makes them such powerful forces in demon slaying.

Nezuko’s Great 8m:

Nezuko and zenitsu great 8m is one of the two main characters in Demon Slayer, along with her brother Tanjiro Kamado. She has a power known as the great 8m – incredibly powerful lightning-based magic. This power has made her one of the strongest fighters in the Demon Slayer Corps and her 8m are even more powerful than Tanjiro and Zenitsu’s. Nezuko’s 8m include lightning strikes, lightning walls, thunderstorms, thunderclouds, and even lightning dragons. The lightning dragon is her strongest technique that she uses to attack large groups of demons at once. Nezuko is also able to call upon her 8m in order to create powerful shields that can protect her from enemy attacks.

Zenitsu’s Great 8m:

Zenitsu is another one of the main characters in Demon Slayer. His great 8m is also lightning-based but with a few minor exceptions. While his lightning strikes and lightning walls are as powerful as Nezuko’s, his other techniques are unique. His thunderstorm technique is a powerful AoE attack, throwing multiple lightning bolts at enemies in a wide area at once. He can also create lightning birds, which he can use to scout out the area and fly away in order to escape danger.

The Strength of Nezuko and Zenitsu:

Nezuko and Zenitsu both possess incredibly powerful 8m that make them some of the strongest fighters in the Demon Slayer Corps. Their powers are not only incredibly strong but also versatile, as both of them have unique techniques that make them effective against different enemies. Nezuko’s lightning dragon is powerful enough to take out multiple enemies at once, and Zenitsu’s lightning birds are great for scouting out the area before engaging in battle. Together, their 8m make them an unstoppable duo that not even the strongest of enemies are capable of matching.

Similarities Between Nezuko and Zenitsu:

Despite having different powers, Nezuko and Zenitsu still possess a few similarities. Both of them have lightning powers that do not depend on each other in order to be used. Additionally, both of them also have some elemental affinities, such as Nezuko’s fire powers and Zenitsu’s water powers. This makes them a powerful combination as they can both use pure lightning and other elements to take out their enemies.


All in all, Nezuko and Zenitsu possess incredibly powerful 8m that make them capable of taking out even the toughest enemies. Their lightning-based attacks are incredibly powerful and their elemental affinities also provide them with a wider range of tactics to take out their foes. Whether it’s Nezuko’s lightning dragon or Zenitsu’s lightning birds, they are a force to be reckoned with and make them both indispensable members in the Demon Slayer Corps.

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