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How to Make a lot of EFT Money from Escape from Tarkov

Getting a good start at Escape from Tarkov is difficult. It is even more challenging to maintain good momentum. Because here, nothing is more accessible than spending Tarkov Money to buy weapons and armor and then sing and get rid of both silently. Once your ATM has completed its work reliably, the loss of powerful armor and weapons will no longer cause damage. The following tips can ensure that you always have enough EFT Roubles in EFT.

Loot items on the map

In Tarkov’s parlance, robbery participates who does not straight take part in the argument but will bring everything together at the same time. The epic battle will not leave a deep impression on individuals, but thick coins will be piled in the knapsack—a sluggish, risk-free, and also quiet means to slip around the battlefield to move numerous things.

Those that pick to stay in the shadows should avoid 1-on-1 fights not to endanger their Money. Several locations in EFT end up with valuable loot because gamers with innovative loot have no passion. Once they’re hectic with the one in charge and the other gamers, it’s time for the dirt to settle.

The exchange is a terrific area to loot EFT items around the map. Outlet store CONCEPT, as well as OLI, always put valuables on the shelves. However, it’s challenging to squeeze in. yet you will determine the best time to store during the remaining phase over time.

When the knapsack is total, it will be most likely to the starting point. You need to focus on various other gamers and also comprehend the level of tools. If your vest can only stand up to a few shots and the rifle’s price of fire is lengthened, the course to the departure will certainly prevent others from seeing your return. Sometimes it is far better to allow the opponent to pass the round at close quarters without assaulting.

Seek to confront other Players

Every shot on the map is his contact us to action. To win as several fights as possible with pricey equipment, they are constantly looking for bigger prey.

As long as you have a bit of experience and some good weapons and intend to take part in the top loot area, you require to know all the hot spots. In principle, they are close to in charge, like Reshala in personalized or Shturman in Tiger Woods. Bosses and their bodyguards are geared up with excellent loot and can make a lot of EFT Roubles.

Additionally, each employer has a one-of-a-kind product, such as a Shturman trick, which enables you to open up a box in the woods (lumber backyard). But killing the one in charge is only half the task. The other half get successful rewards. But other AI players, as well as opponents, are not available to you.

Being able to switch in between employer fights and manage various other players effectively is essential. It is additionally valuable to recognize when the group can poke fun at a third party during a battle. Not always in charge’s equipment. The only important thing is to take sufficient ammunition with you for a major firefight.

Sell EFT Goods

Now that you have successfully returned home from the attack, everything has to do with the value of the spoils. Below level 5, the dealer will purchase each item from you at a fixed price. In addition, you should visit the player flea market to get more profit. Put your goods there in exchange for cash or barter goods. If you already own modified weapons, you should disassemble them and sell them separately because players can find them faster than the whole.

Over time, you will gain a reliable sense of which products are profitable and which are not. To maximize plunder, rare items such as laboratory key cards are handy because they can quickly bring a lot of money. If you don’t want to spend too much time robbing, the factory is a good choice because the exit is usually only a few minutes away. Watch out for campers, and they grab your backpack from the beginning.

No matter what level you are at and what style of play you like, there are many opportunities to make money every time you run. Whether it’s the life of scavengers hiding in the shadows or the nightlife of bombs and grenades, a healthy family bill always ensures that significant expenses can be afforded.

Many beginners do not have enough EFT Roubles at the beginning. The most common beginner mistakes are:

  • Purchase armor and helmets
  • Purchase from Fence (Reseller)
  • You are selling at the wrong dealer
  • You got something wrong
  • You are wiping because you broke
  • You found the wrong place
  • You will not exchange weapons in a raid

Which distributor should I sell to?

The distributor pays different amounts for each item. In addition, the price will fluctuate a few percentage points based on the needs of other players at the time. Not every dealer buys every item. Therefore, you can follow the steps below:

First, try to sell your things to the therapist.

What she doesn’t buy, you try to sell in Skier. Take apart the weapon and sell at least some parts in Skier.

There is nothing to sell yet. If you have not reached Prapor’s level 3 trader, you can trade in Proper. If you get this level, you can sell everything that the Skier has left to Mechanic (he paid a little money) for more information, but you first need to get a better level of trader on Prapor).

Peacekeepers will sell more high-end equipment, and you will only sell to other dealers when they reach the minimum sales.

What to do when you go bankrupt

When you run out of EFT Roubles, there are some simple ways to obtain equipment and money quickly:

Run at low speed. In other words, carry cheap weapons with you, and if they kill you, no one will rob (disassembled Vepr, PM pistol, Saiga 12 without sticks, etc.). Never go in with only a knife/Axe. There is a situation in almost every round, you will regret it.

Start a round of competition. Don’t make a lot of hype in the first 10-15 minutes of this round. Relax when there is no one. Strongly recommended: Storage rooms in villages or interchanges on the coast (but not shops). Don’t shoot the robot, so you can easily reach the exit.

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