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How to Play LOL | LOL for Beginner | League of Legends Tips – New Player Guide

The Basics of LOL for Beginner and New Player 

How to Play LOL: League of Legends, called LOL, is a strategic game composed of two teams with five powerful champions each. 

The main goal of each team is to compete to destroy the other’s base, which they called Nexus. As of date, LOL is currently equipped with more than 150 Champions that you can choose to play with. 

Use your best strategy to play with your team, power up your champ, and win! 

Read more below to learn the basics of the game and some League of Legends Tips for beginners. 

Today, make your way to victory by executing epic plays, securing kills, and tearing down towers.

Unlock Your Abilities – Learn How to Play LOL 

The first thing to understand on how to Play LOL is the map. 

Take a look at the bigger picture below; the map is divided into three paths, Top, Mid, and Bot. Each path has defense structures like three turrets and an inhibitor.

Aside from the three lanes, there is what the called Jungle, wherein neutral monsters, and jungle plants can be found. 

Killing the Baron Nashor jungle monsters gives the slayer’s team extra damage, power ability, increased damage to minions, and empowered recall. 

Dragon monster or also called Drakes, on the other hand, gives unique bonuses to the team depending on the elements it has. 

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How to Play LOL with Your Champions 

As said earlier, LOL is equipped with more than 150 Champions. 

Before entering a match, you will be going to choose the champion that you like to play on the Summoners Rift. 

Each Champion is assigned to a different class as they are equipped with different skills and stats. You can choose to play whether a Fighter, Controller, Mage, Slayer, Marksman, or Tank. 

To power up your Champion, get experience and earn gold by simply killing enemies, making an assist, and destroying turrets. 

You can also make your Champion stronger by choosing the best item from the shop – it can only be accessed upon staying at the Fountain. 

By the way, the champion you choose has unique five core abilities. 

It also has special spells and items that can enhance your performance.

Ten League of Legends Tips 2022 

League of Legends is one of the most popular games worldwide; with hundreds of millions actively playing, you will surely enjoy a big gaming community online. 

By simply watching others playing the game or reading some blog posts about the game, you can easily learn and familiarize the game. 

Check below 10 League of Legends tips that may help you. 

  • Learn the basics – practice first, maximize your resources, watch youtube and read blog sites for faster learning. “LOL for Beginner” blog posts are available massively online. ● Be familiar with the map; the lane techniques depend on what your Champion is. Be familiar with the monster’s location, turret range, and the best lane for your Champion. ● Learn different Champions, do not stop with one Champion or two. Try other characters and find the best Champions that suit you.
  • Understand the use of hotkeys. It will save you time and make more commands in just a short period of time. 
  • Proper positioning, watch out for the turret range, and stay behind the minions. Don’t receive all the damage; take advantage of your minions and hit the enemy freely. ● Save your life – try to survive as possible. It’s a big disadvantage if you are always dying in the game, it cost your time, and it gives extra gold and experience with your enemy. ● Get the last hit! Make sure that you collect the gold bonus of each wave. ● Have good communication with your team. Learn the gaming language, shortcuts, and famous terms.
  • Study your favorite character, including the best item for it. Find online resources on how to “build’” with your Champions to maximize their abilities. 
  • Have control of the game, keep pushing, and farm continuously. The goal is to make your team stronger and to destroy the enemies Nexus

How to Play LOL – Conclusion 

Congratulations! You now know some of the basics of the game, LOL. 

But this is not the end of your learning journey, start playing today and earn experience while having fun! 

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Enjoy playing and make your online gaming world full of thrills and excitement. 

Show your hidden talents with multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA); with the right attitude and proper techniques, you can be the next legendary player in your town! 

Go get your device today and show them what you’ve learned above on How to Play LOL.

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