How to Protect Home Furniture from your Pet Hair_

How to Protect Home Furniture from your Pet Hair?

Our pets are our friends. They are always all over the desks, furniture and the floor of the house. We love pets, even though sometimes they shed their fur and do that on the furniture. This fur could affect us and therefore make us sick. Pet hair can cause allergies in areas of the house where these animals are allowed. If these animals shed their fur on your sofa, it could be quite difficult for you to remove this hair, but if you have sofa covers, you can ease the cleaning process. So, what are some of the things that one can do to protect their home furniture from pet hair? We shall discuss the issue in this article.

Here are tips to help you protect home furniture from pet hair:

  1. Invest in the proper tools

One of the best ways to protect your home furniture from pet hair is by knowing how to reduce pet hair on surfaces. How can you go about this process? Well, the right tools will help you achieve this. Unless you have proper tools that are specifically made for pet hair, even vacuuming the hair will not work. You may as well just blow the hair around in cases where you have hardwood floors. A microfiber dry mop can do this work. An electrostatic mop can also do the wonders of gathering pet hair and therefore collecting the same off the furniture. You can also find something that has a rough surface and scrape off the hair from the surface of the furniture.

  1. Throw on couches

A throw on couches or chairs is a good way to prevent hair from sticking on the furniture surfaces. You can also count on a little moisture to help you remove pet hair from your furniture. With damp rubber gloves on your hands, run the hands on the surface of the furniture, and you are assured that hair will be removed from the furniture. Covers are a good way to dog-proof the furniture. Washable blankets and slipcovers are also a good choice for this purpose. You can cover the spots where the dog likes to lie. These covers are a good way to ensure no hair is left on the couches.

  1. Develop a grooming schedule

One of the best ways to guard your furniture from pet hair is by developing a grooming schedule that you will follow strictly. You can brush your pet daily to ensure that all loose hair is removed from their bodies. This will prevent hair from the surfaces of furniture, floors, beds or wherever else pets are allowed to go. You may also choose to visit a professional groomer every 4 to 6 weeks. The grooming professional can give your pet specific treatments that can prevent shedding.

  1. Regularly Bathe your Pet

Bathing your pet regularly is one of the best ways to prevent shedding. Bathing soothes the skin of the pets and removes any loose hair that could be sticking on their skins. You will be happy to note that some pets love being bathed. To be sure the pet will not shed hair on your furniture, increase the frequency of bathing the pet.





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