When is the Best Time to Take CBD?

We are in a strange place when it comes to CBD. Companies promote the cannabinoid as a cure-all drug, many users take it as a supplement, and the government regulates it in a similar way they handle alcohol. Knowing when to take your new CBD pills should not be this complicated, but because of CBD’s close relationship with cannabis, it has become an area of confusion.

We hope to provide some clarity in giving our advice to when the best time to take CBD is. This is our best recommendation, based on experience with all types of CBD products and the latest available research.

Should I Take CBD Oil Morning or Night?

The first step to determining the best time to take CBD oil is to have a goal. Understand the potential benefits of CBD and what you would like to help you with. Once you have a plan and realistic expectations for your CBD product you can further determine the best time to take the cannabinoid.

In 2019, cannabis researchers from Colorado set out to see if CBD could help with human test subjects who have reported mental health and sleep disorders. The patients were given a 25mg dose of CBD every day. Their condition determined what time of day they would take the CBD.

If the subject told the researchers they were most concerned with their mental health, they were given the dose during the day. The subjects that reported their main concern to be sleeping, were given the dose right before bed.

All the patients monitored closely for three months. They were given their dose once per day, every day for the duration of the study.

After only 1 month, the participants in the study started to report an improvement in their mental health and sleeping issues.

How to Consume CBD Oil?

Taking CBD oil is our preferred administration method. We believe it has the highest potential benefits with the least number of side effects. In relation to CBD edibles, taking CBD oil is more efficient. While it is not as effective as smoking or vaping CBD, the side effects of inhaling hot smoke can pose a long-term threat to the user’s well-being.

CBD oil is meant to be taken sublingually. This means absorbed under the tongue. This allows the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream by mucosal glands. The goal of taking CBD is to deliver it to the bloodstream so it can be distributed throughout the body.

How Often to Take CBD?

CBD has an indirect effect on the endocannabinoid system. Experts believe that taking CBD promotes the healthy production of endocannabinoids. These neurotransmitters have the affinity to bind with endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors are believed to regulate important bodily functions.

Because CBD has an indirect effect on the ECS, we recommended taking CBD every day, over extended periods to get results. CBD does not work like Advil. You must take it consistently for it to have an effect on your body and potentially improve your life.

We recommend first making a goal for your CBD. Figure out what you would like CBD to improve. If you think that you could be getting better sleep at night, take CBD 30 minutes before going to bed. For issues that are keeping you from being productive throughout the day, take CBD right after breakfast or lunch.

We do not fully understand exactly the best way to take CBD products. For now, we can go off the science to find the best CBD tincture available and take consistently each day.

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