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How to put a WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode

As a website owner or a professional website designer at one point, you needed to put the WordPress website under maintenance mode. The maintenance mode means that whenever someone visits your website, they will come across the page that tells them that you are currently working on your website and that they need to come on later. This is an important thing to have as visitors and possible clients will not see the broken links or uncompleted website layout.

What is the easiest way to put maintenance mode on your website?

One of the best ways to painlessly put a maintenance mode on your WordPress website is to use the WP  plugin. This plugin offers a lot of different features that can help you. It is designed in mind for those who don’t have coding skills and need a quick and easy solution. As soon as you install this plugin you will be able to notice the easy-to-navigate dashboard. Everything you need to set a maintenance mode page is in one place. As previously mentioned, you do not need to use code as there is a drag-and-drop builder that you can use.

Although the WP Maintenance Mode plugin does allow you to code if you want even more customization. Those who just want to set up the maintenance page quickly can use one of more than 20 themes. They have designs suitable for any niche your website might be in. There are also more than 3 million different HD photos you can use to make it even more personalized. The reason why so many website owners and website developers love this plugin is the fact that you can easily decide which page you want to be under maintenance mode and which ones you do not.

This is something that can significantly save you from losing valuable traffic. WP Redirect is an additional plugin that can assist you in making sure that when your visitors come across a page that is not working that they are immediately redirected to the page that is working. Your visitors will still be able to scroll through your website and it will help your SEO. When we are talking about the SEO another great plugin you should install on your website is WP Force SSL. It is a plugin that can help you with the safety of your website while you are working on it and boost your SEO.

Another great feature you should add with the help of the WP Maintenance Mode plugin is a countdown. If you know when your website will be ready to be completely published again you can put a countdown that will let your visitors know when they should come back. This is also a great method that will help you stay accountable and you will most likely be able to fix any problems faster.

Anyone who wants to create a website or wants to work on the current one need to install the WP Maintenance Mode plugin. It will help you calmly work on your website without needing to worry about losing valuable traffic and rating on search engine results.

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