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The Benefits of Working in Tuition Jobs in Singapore

Tuition jobs in Singapore – whether home tutoring or online tutoring – is growing in prominence among many professionals because students in Singapore, regardless of age, are more and more seeking help for almost all subjects. Home and online tutoring is drastically changing the method of studying for many students who are struggling with specific subjects. These struggles are probably owed to the many changes in the education syllabus to keep students updated with the changing career and professional landscapes and for critical thinking.

A stronger bond and interaction with the student

Tutors can form a strong bond with their students compared to the teachers at school. And the good news for parents is that tutors are experienced to interact with parents as well. This bond between the students and parents is crucial for the student’s progress. Tutors can tailor their sessions accordingly to accommodate the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and other difficulties. They interact and talk to the student at a more personal level and can alter their teaching style based on what is beneficial for the student. The friendship struck between the tutor and student increases the understanding between the two parties. This allows the student to be comfortable with his/her tutor.

Flexible schedule

Home or online tutors have a lot of freedom because they are not bound by any school or teaching schedule and syllabus structure. Tutors have flexible schedules based on the set schedules of their students and can choose the topic and the order they need to teach it. They can even decide how deep they need to go into certain topics based on their student’s needs, weaknesses, or difficulties. Tutors have the freedom to decide what course materials and assignments to use and provide. This freedom makes tutoring an ideal job for those who want to decide their own working hours.

A good start and not just a stepping stone

Home or online tutoring is beginner-friendly even for tutors who have little experience in it. It is a good beginning for teaching because of the one-to-one environment rather than teaching in a large classroom for the first time. Tutoring also takes place in quiet, calm, and controlled environments. Once a tutor gains enough experience, they can choose the type of tutoring, age group, and even specialty subject preference. Many tutors who started as university students have stayed on despite achieving higher career levels. Tutors also learn essential skills such as better communication skills and patience, skills essential for teaching or other professional careers.

The paycheck

If you think tutors don’t earn much money, think again. The higher demand – especially in Singapore – for home and online tutors means that they tend to get good monetary earnings. As the tutor gains more experience and higher qualifications, the amount earned will increase. Home tutors particularly can charge more as they have to travel to the students’ houses, sort of like a convenience or travel fee. Even online tutors can charge higher to compensate for using their own equipment, internet, and electricity. Many university students are known to do tutoring on a part-time basis to gain more teaching skills and better knowledge.

Fulfillment and satisfaction

Tutoring can be an emotionally fulfilling and satisfying job. Tutors get to meet a total stranger who is struggling with their studies or a certain subject and is desperate for help. As the student slowly improves and becomes stronger in the subject they struggled in, the tutor feels a sense of satisfaction knowing that they were part of the student’s improved progress. Tutors also see their students develop better as a person because they gain more confidence.

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