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7 Steps to Reverse the Aging Process

Getting old is an inevitable part of life as no one can stop time. From getting wrinkles and bruising more easily, to growing small growths known as skin tags, there are unfortunately many signs of aging that show up as the years go on. It may seem impossible to hold onto your youth! The good news is that you can make some simple lifestyle changes that may help reverse the aging process, or at least slow it down so that you can keep it under control. Read on to learn 7 steps on how to reverse premature aging.

1.  Keep Yourself Hydrated

The first way to help reverse the aging process is to always keep yourself hydrated. The average adult human needs to drink around 8 cups of water per day. Not doing so can make you dehydrated which can cause you to age a whole lot faster. This is because dehydration can cause your skin to become thinner and less moisturized, which can factor in the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Other than skin, a hydrated brain is always a healthy brain. Other drinks that can prevent anti-aging are coffee, which protects against inflammation and lowers the risk of skin cancer; and tea, which reduces wrinkles and risk of heart diseases.

2.  Take Your Vitamins

Taking the right vitamins has also been said to help reverse the aging process. For example, B Vitamins like Folate, B6, and B12 greatly support cognitive functions. It’s common for older people to have vitamin B deficiencies, especially because some medications, such as medications for heartburn, can reduce proper vitamin absorption. Good sources of Folate include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, breakfast cereals, and beans, while sources of Vitamin B12 can be found in animal products such as fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products as well as soy or rice milk. Vitamin B6, on the other hand, can be found in fortified cereals, poultry, and dark leafy greens. Other vitamins that are important for anti-aging are Vitamins E and C, and they also both work to improve immunity.

3.  Move Your Body

Another good trick to turn back is to lead an active lifestyle. Exercise can help keep your brain strong and keep its volume intact. After 40 years of age, your brain shrinks by about 5% every decade but making sure you move your body and do any aerobic activity can help maintain your brain volume. Aerobic exercise includes using gym machines like the treadmill and stationary bike, as well as cycling, walking, running, or dancing.

4.  Get your Botox in

Wrinkles are an unavoidable part of getting older. This is because making basically any facial expression causes an increase in muscle tone. In combination with the decrease of collagen which occurs with age, this causes wrinkling. Medical Experts recommend Botox treatment as a safer replacement for plastic surgery. Botox treatment works by successfully blocking the signals moving from the nerves to the muscles and paralyzing them. This paralysis allows wrinkly areas of the face to relax and become softer and therefore unwrinkled. Glabellar lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, and lipstick lines are among some of the areas of your face that respond well to Botox treatment. As we age, wrinkles become more prominent on our faces due to decreased collagen and increased muscle tone. Fortunately, there is a solution. Botox treatment is a safe and effective alternative to plastic surgery that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. By blocking the signals between nerves and muscles, Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles responsible for wrinkling, allowing them to relax and smooth out. Medical experts recommend Botox for various areas of the face, including glabellar lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, and lipstick lines. With this non-invasive cosmetic injectables treatment, you can achieve a more youthful and vibrant appearance without going under the knife. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to a more confident you with Botox.

5.  Cut Out Smoking

If you want to reverse the aging process, you should stop smoking completely. Smoking causes premature skin aging, wrinkles, stained teeth, and a greater risk of developing skin conditions. It increases wrinkles because of the facial movements made when smoking and chokes off the circulation of blood vessels. The nicotine found in cigarettes also causes the reduction of oxygen and nutrients to cells because a smoker’s blood vessels are narrower. On top of that, the smoke released from the cigarette can also damage the surface of the skin.

6.  Take Care of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is another way to turn back the time on your body. Exfoliating is a technique in which you shed off dead skin to make way for softer, new skin underneath. However, you shouldn’t exfoliate too much as this can be counterproductive. You should ask your doctor for the perfect exfoliating routine and frequency for your skin. It’s extremely important to also wash your face every night before bed and moisturize with a deep moisturizer. This allows your skin to regenerate and renew itself overnight.

7.  Get Enough Sleep

Finally, the easiest way to reverse the aging process is to make sure you always get your beauty sleep. Consider it an important part of your skincare and anti-aging routine. Sleep allows your body to regenerate and rebuild, so you must make sure to always get at least 8 hours of sleep. This will also prevent under-eye circles, which can make you look older and make your face look more gaunt. You should also try to avoid sleeping on your cheek, as sleeping with your face against the pillow can stretch the skin and cause fine lines which, over time, can develop into wrinkles.

Everyone wants to turn back time and take a few years off their faces. Unfortunately, there is no miraculous single cure to prevent or reverse the effects of premature aging. However, there are tricks that you can follow to reverse slowly and gradually reverse any damage done from bad habits. If you follow some simple techniques such as keeping yourself hydrated.  Getting enough sleep, and visiting your dermatologist regularly can help slow down the aging process and possibly take away some of the signs of aging.

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