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The Most Important Reasons Why We Love Vacuum Mop Combo

Cleaning up is one of the most challenging and tedious tasks in the house. This chore cannot be ignored, and it only gets challenging if you don’t have the appropriate equipment. Many homeowners even outsource cleaning services to handle the cleaning part in their houses. If you have small children, this is something that’s on top of your daily tasks. Young children get messy, especially if they’re feeding themselves. If left unchecked, you will find all the food sprawled on the floor.

If you have the correct tools, cleaning can be smooth and also fun. One of the best tools we recommend adding to your arsenal of cleaning equipment is a vacuum mop combo. This tool ensures that you wipe out dirt and that you have a clean floor within no time. If you need a little bit of convincing on why you should get one, we’ve prepared a few advantages that will get you to see the light.

1.  Best in Hygienic Cleaning

As a homeowner, you should know there’s more to cleaning the house than just scrubbing and dusting floors. Your home might be infested with bacteria and pests like bed bugs and fleas. Remember, it’s the things that we don’t see that pose the most harm. If left unchecked, these elements could wreak havoc on your entire household. Keeping a clean house starts with using a vacuum mop combo to remove the underlying layers of dirt. Since it uses steam, the hot vapor produced helps to exterminate dust mites, fleas, bed bugs, and their eggs and larvae. This leaves you with a clean home as well as a hygienic one that is free of disease-causing pests.

2.  Improves Indoor Air Quality

As we have mentioned above, dirt can pose several health risks to you and your household. If your indoor air quality is polluted, you and your family may be exposed to severe diseases, and some can even be life-threatening. Ideally, using a broom only does half the job. Even after cleaning, the dirt still moves around, and this is how your indoor air gets contaminated. Using a vacuum cleaner allows you to clear out most, if not all, the dirt and allergens. If done correctly, this will help to improve the air quality within your vicinity. We recommend carrying out this cleaning exercise daily, especially if you live near a busy road. Such homes are susceptible to high levels of dust, which is why consistent cleaning is a must. Additionally, you can also consider installing an HVAC system to help in air purification. In this way, you can reduce contaminants in the air with the help of this particular system.

3.  Mops are Slow and Tedious

It’s a no-brainer that mopping is hard work. If you’ve tried mopping in the past, you know that using both two hands requires plenty of physical force. This may be even higher, especially if you’re cleaning a dirty surface or a place that receives high foot traffic. Combine all that with the dipping and wringing, and mopping becomes a tedious, slow, and inefficient floor cleaning approach. This is more challenging if you have to cover a more significant square footage. Using a vacuum mop increases your work speed and ease of use. This is four to five times faster than a mop. Some cleaners can also cover 19,000 square feet in an hour. Impressive, right? There’s no having to dip or wring back and forth and stopping midway from changing dirty water. Additionally, it doesn’t require significant physical force to operate.

4.  Less Time, No Problem

We live in a fast-paced world with families to raise, responsibilities, careers to build, and trying to balance an active work/life balance. Even with all this, you’re still needed to maintain a social life. These everyday activities supersede cleaning. This, in turn, creates a pressing need for a fast and convenient way to clean. Enter a vacuum cleaner. This will save you a significant chunk of time. We recommend using such a tool, especially if you have a busy and demanding schedule and want something fast. This means you can devote more time to other activities and your hobbies too.

5.  You Don’t Have to Use Chemicals

Home improvement experts warn against using cleaning chemicals since some of them have dire effects. Some may affect your health condition, especially if you’re allergic to some of the ingredients they have. The big benefit of the vacuum and steam mop combo is that it allows you to clean with water with no added chemicals. This saves you money that would’ve been used on detergents. Additionally, this is also a safer option if you have small children in the house and individuals with sensitivities.

6.  Day-to-Day Cleaning

Many homeowners share the same story with everyone: you have plenty of time to clean your floors, so you take a vacuum cleaner and operate it over the surface to clear out the dirt. But there’s a bigger problem. Your floor will not be as clean as it should be if you also had time to mop. You can use the vacuum and mop combo after supper when your kids’ spill juice, cereal, or milk on the floor. Rather than just wiping the floor and hoping it’s not sticky, your cleaner will mop up the area, and if the spill was on your carpet, clean the rug too. This cleaner can clean food splatter or if you accidentally drop something on the floor. It vacuums the dirt and removes any extra dirt with ease.

7.  Versatility

This cleaner is suitable for both large and small homes. And if you’re wondering what floor it can clean, it covers multiple areas. This vacuum cleaner can be used on sealed hardwood, rugs, linoleum, pressed wood floors, tile, and rubber floor mats. Home improvement experts also recommend this cleaner as it is a low flow carpet cleaner. This means you can safely use it on your rugs and carpets without water soaking through to your wood floor underneath.

8.  You Can Adjust the Cleaning Settings as you want

As a homeowner, you may have floor areas that are dirtier than the others. Ideally, this means areas that receive high foot traffic like the kitchen, living room, or foyers. This is why this vacuum cleaner is specialized to detect the amount of dirt in a specific area. The cleaner can adjust the settings automatically, or you can also do it yourself. If the room is too dirty, the more time the unit will spend cleaning it.

9.  Less Maintenance

Compared to traditional vacuums, the mop and vacuum combo cleaner doesn’t require much upkeep. This tool is designed using high-quality materials. This longevity factor means they can serve for many years. You are only needed to empty the container or replace its bag regularly. You should also ensure that your floors are free of debris and clutter, and other items that may damage your cleaning tool.

10.  The Mop is a Dirt Agent

This may seem counter-intuitive, but you should know that mops don’t wipe out soils as much as spread them around. Research has shown that conventional mops can leave anywhere from 35-65 percent of soils behind. The bigger problem is that the mop and bucket also become soiled. This happens as soon as mopping begins, and it gets worse as cleaning progresses, even if you use more buckets. The vacuum and mop combo remove 98 percent of soils. This leaves you with a clean floor, and you’re also free from the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, the combo cleaner’s technology allows it to clean uneven surfaces and the grout lines between tiles.

11.  Positive Cleaning Results

Ideally, many cleaners are designed with a multi-stage filtering system. If you’re vacuuming your floor, you not only pick up the small dirt but also the tiny debris as well. This strong suction power makes it easy to wipe out deep sitting dirt. Since the cleaner uses steam to clean, it doesn’t leave behind the streaks. This is an excellent option to use on tile floors and other finishings in your house prone to streaking. Again, since the two functions are integrated into one device, you don’t require extra space to store the equipment.

But How Does it Work?

You’ve been probably waiting to read this part. Well, we’ve saved the best for the last. It might resemble a conventional vacuum cleaner, but there’s no stopping you when you have the vacuum and mop combo cleaner. This tool is an all-in-one multi-surface cleaner. As we have mentioned above, the cleaner conducts several functions because of its versatile nature. The cleanser is designed with a rotating brush made from materials like nylon and microfiber. That brush picks up any dirt on your floor while also transitioning seamlessly to mopping and scrubbing. Additionally, it also has tanks to hold cleaning detergent and dirty water. There are also special functions like swivel steering and fingertip control to help you switch easily between tasks.

Buying the vacuum combination cleaner is a substantial home improvement investment that you won’t regret taking. This is a great tool that will save time cleaning your home. It packs a plethora of benefits to your floor and your household. Ensure to check that your floor is compatible with a steam cleaner. Many options available also have a lock that allows you to use one function during cleaning. We wish you the best in your next cleaning session. Over to you!

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