How to reintegrate into society after drug recovery

If you have just completed an inpatient or outpatient drug recovery program, then congratulations! You are now clean and sober. Once you have kicked your drug or alcohol substance abuse problem, you can reintegrate into society. However, this can oftentimes be a scary and daunting step for many people who have just finished their treatment program. They may not know where to start, who to ask for help, and where to begin their “new” life. 

Once you are clean, you may find that things in the real world look a little different than they did when you were using them. Things will be clearer, you will notice more going on around you, and you will see what it is like to hold down a job, go to school, or interact with others in normal social situations. This can be both exciting, overwhelming, and scary!

But by knowing what you can expect when leaving a rehab facility, you can use the tools that you used in the drug recovery program to integrate seamlessly into society. Let’s see a few steps and tips on how to reintegrate after you have completed your program – and how you can feel confident as a functioning member of your community!

How to reintegrate after completing your drug recovery program 

Even though you may feel nervous and out of place for the first few days back in the “real” world, it can soon turn to excitement and motivation to get a job, go to school, and spend time with a new and fun crowd of people. By making connections with people who are healthy for you and your new life, you can integrate into a new social circle that provides you with a newfound confidence that you did not have before. 

  • Find an outpatient program – one of the best ways that you can reintegrate into society is by finding an outpatient program. Whether it is a group meeting, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, or an outpatient program at your local rehab facility like The Forge Recovery Center, you can continue your drug recovery process by still speaking with others who are leading a sober lifestyle.
  • Go on job interviews – the next step to reintegrating into society is going on job interviews. You can use a resume or get a reference from people you trust to ensure that you are a good candidate for a job opening. 
  • Find a good place to live – the next step of reintegrating into society is finding a healthy place to live. You can speak with your counselors or therapists at the drug recovery to find a halfway house, sober living space, or other housing recommendations that will work with your new lifestyle.


By following these tips and guidance on how to reintegrate into society after going through a drug recovery program, you can feel confident that you will begin making smart decisions for your life. By making healthy choices and staying away from harmful triggers, you can get a job, go to school, and live in a safe space that is conducive to your recovery process!

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