How to Ride a Hoverboard?

If you recently bought a hoverboard, then we can understand that you can’t wait to ride it. if this is the case then you should not jump straight on to your hoverboard, instead read this article. Because we will be discussing with you in details all the safety precautions that you should take along with some common mistakes that people make while riding a hoverboard

Hoverboard is an awesome invention which is relatively new, some may consider it an alternative to skateboard, or roller blades. But riding them takes a bit of practice as it does not come naturally. In this article we will tell you all about how to ride a hoverboard. You can consider this as a beginner’s guide. To know more details, please visit

Important Safety Concerns

The most important thing when it comes to riding a hoverboard is the safety concern and the first thing that you should do is buy some safety gear. This gear is absolutely necessary for riding a hoverboard. Wearing the safety gear is especially important if you are new to hover boarding.

The safety equipment you will need is

Helmet: not just any helmet but a good quality helmet because you head is the most important thing in your body.

Wrist guards: to protect your wrist from twisting and turning while you are riding a hoverboard.

Knee guards: these are also important because more often than not, in case of falling from a hoverboard your knees get affected the most.

Elbow pads: believe us when we tell you this, elbow pads are very underrated. In case of falling from your hoverboard, your elbow will feel the hit of the fall.

Other protective items: there are other items that you can buy and wear, like tailbone protectors, which is protective gear for your tailbone but in hindsight it is just padded shorts. In case your hoverboard is lacking lights, then it is probably a good idea to buy lighted shoes.

Lights are necessary if your hoverboard does not have these, but keep in mind most hoverboards do have inbuilt lights. The lights will let other people or even vehicles see you while you are riding your hoverboard in dim light.

Getting on the Hoverboard

As we established before, hoverboard is not something that can be ridden naturally. You will probably be thinking about the connection of skateboard with hoverboard, like if I know how to ride a skateboard will I be able to ride a hoverboard. And the answer is no.

Hoverboard is a little different to a skateboard. These are some similarities but nevertheless there are some notable differences and due to these differences, you will take a fall or two at some point, during the process of riding a hoverboard. Riding an adult hoverboard can be a bit tricky.

If you are wearing safety gear when you fall, then all will be good. let us get back on the topic of how to get on your hoverboard. Let us mention some simple steps which you can follow easily to get on your hoverboard.

1 Putting your hoverboard down on a clean, flat and even space:

If you put your hoverboard on an uneven surface, then you are just creating obstacles for yourself. A flat and even space is absolutely necessary

2 Turing your hoverboard on:

You can turn your hoverboard on by either pressing the button on the hoverboard or using the remote that comes with the hoverboard. It is important to note that you do not try to get on your hoverboard because the self-balancing feature will be turned off.

In order to take advantage of this self-balancing feature you should turn the hoverboard on before getting on it.

3 Put one foot on the hoverboard:

The foot you put on your hoverboard does not need to be left or right, it can be any. The fact of the matter is you need to put your foot as close to the wheel as possible. Furthering the foot from the wheel will result in you falling from the hoverboard.

4 Put your second foot on the hoverboard:

Just lift your first foot. You need to put your second foot on the hoverboard as well. This foot will be closer to the other wheel. And if you put your second foot further away from the board you won’t be able get on it, instead you will fall flat on the floor

5 Staying absolutely still:

Once you get on your hoverboard you need to stand absolutely straight. You need to get use to this new sensation and feeling. You need to be comfortable while riding your hoverboard. If you are not comfortable then you won’t be able to ride the hoverboard straight.

6 Riding in style:

After getting on the hoverboard you have to tilt your body weight forward and as you do this you will start moving.

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