Mathematics is nothing but a relation between numbers, shapes, order, change and quantities. Archimedes is known to be the father of mathematics.

Mathematics is a core subject, requires a detailed understanding of concepts and the right application of tons of formulae. Many students find this subject unnerving, challenging and daunting as it takes energy, time, effort and rigorous practice. They often leave the basics and move on to complex and tricky calculations, ending up with a weak base. They try to learn the concepts and theory instead of understanding the meaning behind it. Thus, you find the subject difficult. Secondly, you find maths not easy because of the preconceived idea that ‘maths is hard’ or ‘you can never understand it and you believe it. Once your basics of maths are crystal clear, you will start enjoying it and maths will be a cakewalk for you. Every single thing you will learn in this subject will be used and asked again and again as it is cumulative.

In higher secondary education, this subject is introduced at a higher level as compared to elementary or secondary schooling. Here we will learn specifically about class 12 mathematics that is your highest class of schooling life. You must be wondering how to score 90% or above in class 12 maths. Read on to find it.

  1. Let us first look into the unit wise syllabus of class 12 maths:


  • CHAPTER 1: Relations and functions
  • Composite function
  • The inverse of functions
  • CHAPTER 2: Inverse trigonometric functions
  • Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions
  • Elementary properties of inverse trigonometric functions


  • CHAPTER 3: Matrices
  • Elementary row and column operation
  • Existence of inverse trigonometric functions
  • Proof of uniqueness of inverse, if it exists
  • CHAPTER 4: Determinants
  • Properties of determinants
  • Consistency, inconsistency and number of solutions of a system of linear equation with examples


  • CHAPTER 5: Continuity and Differentiability
  • Rolle’s theorem
  • Lagrange’s mean value theorem


  • CHAPTER 6: Application of derivatives  
  • Rate of change of bodies
  • Use of derivatives in approximation


  • CHAPTER 7: Integrals
  • CHAPTER 8: Application of integrals
  • The area between any of the two above mentioned curves
  • CHAPTER 9: Differential Equation
  • Solution of linear differential equation
  • Formation of a differential equation with a given general equation


  • CHAPTER 10: Vectors
  • Scalar triple product of vectors
  • CHAPTER 11: Three-dimensional geometry
  • The angle between two planes
  • The angle between two lines
  • The angle between a line
  •  The angle between a plane


  • CHAPTER 12: Linear Programming 
  • The mathematical formulation of LP problems
  • Unbounded



  • CHAPTER 13: Probability
  • Mean and variance of a random variable
  • Binomial probability distribution

Put your extra time and effort into topics with high weightage and try to master them. Your knowledge about the chapters and topics must be clear.

  1. Stick to your Class 12 Maths Syllabus and books: you must follow your NCERT or prescribe textbooks. Never ever underestimate your school textbooks. Go through reference only in case you are preparing for competitive exams. Your textbooks of NCERT are more than enough but you need to finish them from start to end. understand the theory behind all the concepts. If you feel you are weak in any particular chapter or topic, you may go through reference books and practice more questions.
  2. Self-study: you need to give proper time to this subject as maths is very time consuming and demands effort. Mark difficult/important questions and try them daily. Practice until you get perfect. Don’t try to learn the concepts, rather try to understand them; else you will tend to forget them. The more you practice you tend to avoid the chances of errors while calculation. Give at least 2 hours daily for mathematics, except your regular school and coaching classes.
  3. Solve sample paper and give mocks: you should focus more on previously asked questions. You should appear for mocks and sample question paper in a restricted time. Analyze your performance after every mock and try to figure your weak areas and start working on them. You can find everything available on the internet. You don’t need to spend any money on buying heavy extra books. Solve 10-15 previous year question papers before appearing for your final exam. This will give you a vision of what actual paper would be like and will help you increase your speed.
  4. Avoid social media: try to distance yourself from social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook etc. students get attracted to social media a lot during this age but scoring 90% and above is not a piece of cake. You need to give all your time and effort. You will need to work hard.
  5. Presentation is important: try to make your answer sheet look neat, clean and presentable. Your presentation does matter a lot and you may secure good marks with this. Avoid cuttings and filthy looking answer sheets. Leave 2-3 lines after every question. Make your diagrams using proper scale and pencil. This will make a good impression in front of the examiner.
  6. The night before the exam: make sure your mind is relaxed and you are healthy. Don’t panic or get nervous. Take proper sleep of 7-8 hours else you won’t give your exam with proper efficiency. Just revise your formulas and stay motivated. Don’t let your confidence go down and negative thoughts come your way. You will surely do your best. Leave your study material and go with a relaxed and free mind to appear for the exam.

Remember Achieving 90% is not an impossible task. Get your doubts and queries cleared from your teachers or peers. Do not stress much. Never try to solve problems using shortcuts. Maths is all about practice and practice. The more you practice, the better you understand the application of formulas. Stay focused and you will surely outshine with the meticulous result. 

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