secure school with security turnstile door

How to Secure School with Security Turnstile Door System

At the beginning of the school season in September, some people are not willing to give up their summer vacation, and some are looking forward to entering the school. The cold campus has resumed its liveliness. Inside the new semester, do you expect the institution to have a fresh look?  We have been looking forward to, and hope that we can use the security turnstile gate to help the school create a new look of pedestrian management, and create a good and practical campus surroundings for teachers and students.

From kindergarten, primary school, middle school to university, campus safety has always been the focus of the community. The school environment is relatively open, personnel in and out are more frequent, the traditional manual management means can not achieve all-round monitoring, and the cost of manual management is also higher and higher. In addition, if the entry managing method, entry control program, student information and facts method, dormitory administration method and alarm program are not incorporated into a single platform control, details incorporation and information exchange cannot be achieved, which can be not conducive on the school’s reaction to crisis situations and workers administration.

Over these college access control systems, walking convenience deal with managing is important, particularly through the help of pedestrian turnstile door entrance system. Now, many schools have applied the pedestrian turnstile door from Mairsturnstile for access control management, and the security level of the verification method is also upgrading, from card swiping, code scanning to face recognition; the degree of convenience is also improving, from the “brush” era to the “brushless” era.

Based on years of industry experience in the school scene, mairsturnstile’s professional campus gate solution for customers can effectively solve the problems of campus access management.

The application area of campus pedestrian turnstile includes the entrance gate, side door, library, teaching building, dormitory, gymnasium, swimming pool, etc. there are indoor and outdoor occasions, and different models are equipped according to the use requirements of the occasions. For some outdoor area, can install glass security turnstiles which specially designed for outdoor with high waterproof and dustproof ability.

Entrance Gate / side door / dormitory

Outdoor / semi outdoor, outdoor swing turnstile gate can be used, with high waterproof and dustproof requirements. Wide channel gate can be selected for pedestrians, bicycles and electric vehicles to pass at the same time, and the verification mode can be face recognition, code scanning, card swiping, etc. The gate is used to accurately identify the identity of the passers-by. The authorized personnel in the school can enter and leave freely, and visitors need to register and authorize to enter and leave. It can effectively prevent the salesmen, the people with intent to steal and the people with intent to commit crimes from sneaking into the school.

Library / teaching building

Indoor, the indoor swing turnstile gate and flap barrier gate can be used, and the verification methods include face recognition, code scanning, card swiping, etc. It is used to identify the identity of passers-by. For example, students and teachers are authorized to enter the library, but visitors are not allowed to enter; special personnel are authorized to enter the teaching building.

Gymnasium / natatorium

If indoor, indoor swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate and tripod turnstile gate can be used; if outdoor, outdoor swing turnstile gate and tripod turnstile gate can be used, and the verification methods can be face recognition, code scanning, card swiping, etc. These areas are generally used for toll collection after class, and are also used to identify the identity of passers-by. Only those who have paid the venue fee are allowed to enter.

To sum up, the campus turnstile gate must meet these key points: stable and durable, high safety, a variety of verification methods, accurate verification, fast traffic, strong waterproof and dustproof ability, meeting the requirements of people and vehicles sharing, data management, etc. the school security turnstile gate solution provided by Mairsturnstile can meet these key points.

Stable and durable: optimized mechanical structure design, with high fatigue resistance and impact resistance, with independent research and development of advanced non-destructive movement structure, life more than 10 million times.

High safety: the matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology can sensitively detect the traffic state of pedestrians in the passage, prevent the pedestrian from being hurt, and prevent the pedestrian from illegally breaking through the barrier and following the passage. Infrared anti pinch technology, mechanical anti pinch technology and current detection technology are adopted to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

A variety of verification methods, accurate and fast: face recognition, QR code recognition, card recognition, etc., a combination of various methods, convenient for different users.

Fast traffic: swing gate and wing gate can open and close the door as fast as 0.3-0.6s to avoid the congestion during the peak hours of classes.

Strong waterproof and dustproof ability: the waterproof and dustproof ability of outdoor machine is as high as IP65, which can be used in severe cold, heat, wind, sand, rain and snow environment; especially the outdoor swing brake can withstand frequent violent impact, so as to avoid the door swing being damaged by bicycles and electric vehicles.

Shared by people and vehicles: swing turnstile gate and flap barrier gate can be designed as super wide passage to meet the use of pedestrians carrying bicycles, electric vehicles, small carts and large luggage.

Data management: the gate terminal records all personnel access data, which is convenient for the school to carry out data management.

At present, Mairsturnstile has been successfully applied in many schools at home and abroad.

Huazhong University of science and technology

Renmin University of China

Harbin Institute of Technology

Waseda University

University of Hong Kong

Shanghai Construction Science and Technology College

University of Oregon

Long Island University,USA

University of Utah

Nigeria green spring school

University of missamia, Philippines

University of delassa, Philippines

Bengal University of Arts

International Islamic University Malaysia

With the help of security turnstile gate, pedestrian entrance and exit management is equivalent to 24-hour “security” supervision, which greatly improves the management level of pedestrian entrance and exit on campus, helps the school to create a safe campus environment, and provides more security for the study and life of teachers and students.

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