How to Start a Debt Consolidation Company

How to Start a Debt Consolidation Company

A debt consolidation company can be a profitable business and at the same time provides help to individuals struggling with debt. With the high cost of living standards and economic halt due to the pandemic, millions are further sinking into debt and your business might be their stroke of luck.

Debt consolidation companies are the lifeline of millions who are struggling to meet ends meet. With lower interest and better terms, debt consolidation remains a relevant solution in today’s challenging times.

If you want to gain profit and at the same time help, here are the basics on how to start a debt consolidation company.

  • Check the Business Competition

Go out and spent time researching for local competitors in the area where you want to establish your business. Is the market saturated? How do existing debt consolidation companies get their clients? Search online, read reviews, advertisements to see how much business you can get around the area.

  • Study the Market

While local competitors are not that happy to provide you insights about the business, you can always speak to entrepreneurs who are in the same industry but from a different location.

Get in touch with business owners with who you do not compete since you won’t be establishing the same business in the same location. These fellow entrepreneurs would be ready and willing to share start up tips and advice.

  • Business Plan

The same with other types of business, you need to come up with a business plan and model. This should include a clear plan of action on how you will operate the business, how much are the startup cost and continuing business cost, marketing, and advertising practices, marketing cost, business objective, and why you want to set up the business.

Remember that clients are considered risky, which means that you may have some difficulty securing a merchant account and setting up payment processing. Speak with a high risk merchant account provider and by pass some of the headaches associated with dealing with banks directly.

  • Startup Cost

Come up with a clear plan on how you will produce the amount you will need to get your debt consolidation business off the ground.

Your business can be financed through direct lending which means you will be using your own resources. However, this approach requires a serious amount of money which you can acquire by securing business partners or investors.

Or you have the option to do margin lending where you will borrow your capital from another lender to fund the launch of your business. This method is commonly practiced but riskier.

  • Secure Your Licenses and Permits

Know the licenses, permits, and accreditation laws of your local state. These are highly needed before you can begin work as these documents may be pre-requisites for your loan application, investment, or partnership venture.

And if customers noticed that you do not have these documents, they may be prompted to go somewhere else. Even if your state does not demand accreditations, these will give customers the assurance that you are doing legit business.

Doing these 5 basic steps will give you the needed foundation to start a debt consolidation company. People with unsettled and accumulated debts can now rely on your services.



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