How to stay motivated in college

If you’re ever been to a circus, you probably have a good idea of what to expect from college. No, we’re not saying it’s a place to find clowns. What we mean is that college is a balancing act. For most people, it’s the first time you move away from home to a new city, make new friends, explore clubs and activities, maintain a burgeoning social life, and in between that, handle your studying. And as this is your first foray into real adult life, you’re also encountering real adult problems like arranging your own meals, waking up in the morning without your mother barging into your room, and managing your budget against the cost of living in Delhi. So yes, being on top of your game 24×7 is difficult, and there are bound to be times when you wish you could spend your entire day in bed. Then how can you push yourself to get up and get through another day of your hectic schedule? How can you face all the ups and downs of college life?

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to send you on an existential quest for the meaning of life. We’re here to tell you that often being motivated is the key to success. And we want to provide you with some pointers on how to stay motivated and not lose sight of what really matters in college. Our hope is that they will push you to create a method for yourself. So let’s see what are the strategies you can use:

Manage Your Time

Forget what you learn in your classes. The first thing you have to master in college is learning to stick to a schedule. Because it’s not impossible to find enough time for both studying and having a social life. We’ve all been there. We know that this is the time for you to meet new people and try out new things. And if you sacrifice that for the sake of academics, you’re sure to end up feeling burnt out. So a great way to get the best of both worlds is to make yourself a timetable and follow it. Write down your class schedule, add time for homework or other tasks, and then leave a window for socializing with your friends. Even if it seems like your days are super busy, writing down your responsibilities will help you find an hour to have a cup of coffee or take a walk with a friend. And being able to balance between work and play will definitely increase your motivation and keep you invested in your college journey.

Be Positive

Let’s be honest. Sometimes just thinking about the long list of deadlines and assignments is enough to get you to consider dropping out. Well, maintaining a positive attitude when faced with challenges will help you stay on track. Adopting the right mindset will go a long way to keep you motivated in college. So train your mind to focus on conquering setbacks, and don’t let the anxiety or doubt get the better of you. Of course, this is easier said than done, so why not get yourself a mindfulness guide, or work things that make you feel good into your routine. Remember that if you believe you can accomplish your goals, you’re more likely to take the effort to actually do so.


The thing about being in college is that there will always be a million things for you to do. And it’s easy to get carried away with all the options. That’s why it’s important to prioritise and set goals for yourself. Whether it’s for weekly tasks, assignments or exam week, prioritising what’s important for you can go a long way towards reminding yourself about what made you join college in the first place. Trust us, there’s no feeling like the boost to your confidence that comes with completing your prioritised tasks and meeting your goals.

Give Yourself Some Credit

Sometimes it’s difficult to see past the challenges that you’re facing in college. But take time to acknowledge the progress you’ve made thus far so you approach new tasks with a positive attitude. Reminding yourself of your past successes can be a great motivator to keep pushing yourself to achieve your goals. Take the time and make that self-love visible. You can easily make a list of your recent achievements, whether it’s a good grade on an assignment or exercising according to schedule, and pin it somewhere you can see everyday. Even a small reminder like this can inspire you when you are lacking motivation.

Accept Failure

Okay, this one seems easier said than done. But it’s worth learning. Sure, you might fail an exam or get a lower grade than you expected and you’re going to feel frustrated about it. But don’t let that wreak havoc on your motivation. The trick is to learn how to overcome that feeling quickly. Go and do something that relaxes you and try not to let yourself feel too discouraged. After all, you can take this as a chance to learn from your mistakes. Being able to analyze your mistakes is a great life skill to pick up too. And you can pretty much guarantee you won’t be repeating this error in the future.

Make Supportive Friends

The best part of college life is the friends you make along the way. Whether it’s the people you sit next to in class, the folks you make midnight Maggi with in the best hostel in Delhi, or those you met at the last exciting party, there are many people for you to interact with during your college life. But it’s not just the number that matters, it’s also about the quality of your relationship with them. It’s really important to gather people who are always going to support you. After all, we all need to hear those words of encouragement from time to time. Once you’ve found your people, you can rely on them for support when you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Don’t forget that a strong support system is of essential importance for your progress and success.

Dedicate Time for Yourself

Have you got a hobby? Is there a book you have been planning to read for quite some time? Well, make sure to always set aside a period to dedicate to yourself to catch up on what you enjoy. If you are organized enough, it may be an entire day or the weekend. If not, an hour or so everyday, works just as well. You can take this time to do anything from a quick workout session to catching up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show. After all, we all need a break, and if we tend to avoid them, our stress levels can sky-rocket. And let’s be honest, stress is a byproduct of hectic college schedules. So keep the stress levels down and the motivation levels high by indulging is some regular me-time. 

We’ll leave you to find your own inspiration. However, know that it’s okay to have days where you don’t feel all charged up to face the world, the last thing you should be doing is feeling guilty about such moments in life. Just remember that even when it seems like the sky is falling, there are always ways to pick it back up. So keep our strategies in mind and enjoy your college life to the fullest!

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