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How Video Chat Can Add to Your Customer Service: Tips from the Pros

Video chatting is already a crucial part of modern-day communication. Today, however, video customer support is on the rise to keep pace with changing digital trends in the technology-driven marketplace.

Video chat customer support can be considered a more advanced version of the traditional call center model. Without a doubt, call centers represent the most direct interaction with customers within a broad spectrum of customer service options. Yet every service sooner or later has to meet the challenges of the digital era and take appropriate improvement measures.

As the industry moves towards video technology, both businesses and consumers might feel confused. In this article, we’ll share some tips from the experts in the field on how to strike the right balance between technology and customer experience and ease the confusion.

What is Video Customer Service?

Today, video technology keeps the world connected. Following current digital communication trends, we use video chat support  to provide a personalized, omnichannel customer experience.

Customers are embracing video calling as their favorite method of interacting with businesses, and for valid reasons:

  • Customer communication through multiple channels;
  • Personalized approach to each consumer;
  • Fast track problem-solving;
  • Real-time, problem-specific solutions for clients.

Companies, both local and global enterprises, realized the importance of a proper customer experience. This realization prompted them to integrate video-based customer support. They soon understood that the main advantage of video chatting is the ability to imitate face-to-face communication online.

How to Use Video Technology in Customer Support?

Video chat support can be applied to various industries and types of customer demands. It’s rather a universal approach to handle the requests quickly without interrupting customers’ online journey. Most importantly, video technology gives your clients the opportunity to experience in-store shopping online.

Video calling is now an essential part of the omnichannel customer support strategy. It’s a win-win deal for both the clients and the businesses:

  • Customers benefit from enhanced personalization and optionality to interact with a company through their preferred communication channel and device, at any time and place.
  • Companies get a unified view of their potential consumers to further analyze the purchasing procedures and detect and improve the possible gaps.

What are other benefits?

Nowadays, expectations from tech-savvy clients are even harder to comply with. Thus, leading businesses are those that provide choices to their customers. The video chatting solution is a crucial advantage in the customer service environment.

You ask why? Let’s see what experts in the field can tell us!

Here’s what benefits customer support leaders identify in video chatting. These benefits can help companies turn the corner by harnessing technology for excellent service:

  • Saved agents’ time to resolve customer issues;
  • Reduced customer touchpoints;
  • Reduced customer service costs;
  • Increased customer satisfaction;
  • Higher brand equity.

Moreover, video chat support can be successfully deployed for business purposes beyond customer service, but can still affect the sector as well:

  • Video recordings can be used for audit purposes;
  • They can foster your technical support performance;
  • Video chatting can help during onboarding (both employees and customers);
  • Video technology can be applied for product demos;
  • Increasing client engagement;
  • Providing customized interactions with consumers.

Offering Video Chat for Your Clients: How, When, and Why?

So, what’s the main reason for companies to implement video chat support? The answer is simple: to give your clients what they need, and they need personalization and close attention to their requests.

  • When to use video chatting? The service should be used when the situation requires emotional context and connection between the agent and the client. This works best for tricky situations.

Video customer service is an essential tool for support reps and customers to help them communicate the meaning of the specific problem that both are engaged in. It’s an amazing solution for meticulous and long sessions between both parties.

  • Why should your company consider video chat support? It’s a good way to let your clients experience a seamless journey from one communication channel to another without being confused or disrupted.
  • How to get started? You should learn the three main use cases of video chatting in customer service and choose the best option for your business:
  1. Providing complex client support.
  2. Conducting product demos and training sessions;
  3. The best way to deliver real-time consultations.

Final Thoughts on Video Chat Solution

Without a doubt, video chat customer service is a perfect solution for businesses in a digitally-oriented market. Video technology in customer support is about:

  • Fast problem-solving,
  • High quality service,
  • Getting closer to customers,
  • and a personalized approach.

With video support, companies can put all the fragmented pieces of customer experience together in a new, efficient, digital manner. Modern businesses have moved online, but this never has to be an impediment for them to keep customers close and continue building meaningful relationships with them.

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