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How your small business can benefit from accounts receivable factoring

Starting a business is the most challenging project for most people. Maintaining the business and ensuring it runs smoothly is another task. Business owners must face all types of challenges like cash flow constraints to succeed. Issues with cash flow are the top causes of small businesses collapsing, especially when repeated expenditure eats away all the savings the entrepreneur had saved. If you’ve been rejected by financial institutions and banks, accounts receivable factoring might be your way out.

What are accounts receivable factoring?

It’s vital to understand how accounts receivable factoring works. The first thing you need to do is get a factoring firm to accept you for the program. Typically, you have creditworthy clients who have impressive payment records. With this, your application will be accepted. Once the request is accepted, you will get a lump sum payment that is up to 85 % of the invoices you factor in with the company. In return, you accept to trade the value of the invoices as the security for the advance payment.


The factoring firm starts the general accounts receivable of collecting on the invoices. Once the client pays for the invoice, the factoring company will send you the remaining invoice without the fee.

Here are the benefits of accounts receivable factoring

Since you now know how accounts receivable factoring works, let’s look at some of its benefits. They include:

They offer you Guarantee

The risk that small businesses always face is that of having no means to make collections. When you work with a factoring company with a strong corporate structure and financial resources, you will get rid of this risk by benefiting from the guarantee services.

Credit investigation

By the reliable data about the purchaser’s creditworthiness, market reputation, and financial strength, you will have a chance to minimize the collection risks as you create a high-quality client portfolio of your own.

Lower cost

Factoring lessens your bookkeeping expenses and your overhead costs. Factoring gives you a chance to make a cash payment to the suppliers. This implies you can benefit from the discounts and reduce your cost of production.

Financial strength

Factoring makes it easy for small businesses to fund their operations from their own account receivable. The average collection duration and commercial payables will be reduced. This will make your business’ financial structure strong. It allows you to use your business’ resources to fund its own needs.


Wasting time is one of the luxury things you can’t afford. Investigating a client’s credit history, handling the credit process, managing and making the collection; all take time. You can save this time by using factoring services. You can use the services offered by a factoring company to put to impressive use by creating business plans and designing competitive advantages for your business.

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