Howard Stern is glad he didn't end up becoming a radio DJ. "I didn't want to play The Beatles," he says. "I wanted to be The Beatles.

Howard Stern Net Worth: A Look at the Radio Legend’s Financial Success

Howard Stern, the renowned American radio personality, has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry over the years. Known for his controversial and provocative style, Stern has amassed a substantial net worth throughout his career. In this article, we will delve into the various sources of his income, explore his financial success, and examine how he has built his empire.

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Howard Stern began his career in radio in the 1970s, working at various stations across the United States. However, it was his time at WNBC in New York City that propelled him to national recognition. Stern’s unique blend of humor, candidness, and boundary-pushing content quickly gained him a loyal following.

The Howard Stern Show and SiriusXM

In 1985, Stern launched “The Howard Stern Show,” a morning radio program that became immensely popular. The show’s success led to syndication deals across the country, further expanding Stern’s reach and influence. However, it was his move to satellite radio in 2006 that truly transformed his career and financial status.

Stern signed a groundbreaking deal with SiriusXM, a satellite radio company, which allowed him to have full creative control over his show. The deal was worth a staggering $500 million for five years, making it one of the most lucrative contracts in broadcasting history. This move not only solidified Stern’s position as a radio legend but also significantly contributed to his net worth.

Books, Television, and Film

In addition to his radio career, Howard Stern has ventured into other forms of media. He has authored several best-selling books, including “Private Parts” and “Miss America,” which provided readers with an intimate look into his life and career. These books were well-received by both fans and critics, further enhancing Stern’s popularity and financial success.

Stern has also made appearances on television shows, including “America’s Got Talent,” where he served as a judge for four seasons. His charismatic personality and honest critiques endeared him to audiences, expanding his fan base beyond radio listeners. Furthermore, Stern has appeared in films such as “Private Parts” and “Howard Stern’s Private Parts,” which were based on his own life and experiences.

Endorsements and Ventures

Apart from his media ventures, Howard Stern has also capitalized on endorsement deals and business ventures. He has endorsed various products and brands, including Snapple, which further boosted his income. Additionally, Stern has invested in real estate, purchasing luxurious properties in New York City and the Hamptons. These investments have not only provided him with a comfortable lifestyle but have also contributed to his overall net worth.


Howard Stern’s net worth is estimated to be around $650 million, making him one of the wealthiest figures in the entertainment industry. Through his groundbreaking radio career, successful books, television appearances, and astute business ventures, Stern has built an empire that continues to thrive. Despite his controversial persona, there is no denying the financial success he has achieved throughout his career. As Stern continues to entertain audiences with his unique style, it is evident that his net worth will only continue to grow in the years to come.

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