TopMarketCap Review

TopMarketCap Review – Advantages and Disadvantages + Detailed 2021 Review

Discovering TopMarketCap was not difficult for me because I knew what I was looking for. With features in my mind that matched with TopMarketCap, I decided to give this platform a try. I found various account types and some tools that were not accessible on other trading platforms. This broker also deals with a number of more than 200 assets. In my review, I want to go over some advantages and disadvantages that I faced with the broker along with other detailed discussions on the features of this broker.

Advantages Of TopMarketCap Software

TopMarketCap is intended for proficient traders with a high accentuation on predominant chart tools. I believe this platform’s price takes care of from the greatest range of sources with their various account types, giving traders the most definite and precise ongoing (with signature and tip-top memberships) and verifiable trading information to use for charts conceivable. I observed information reliability, TopMarketCap can separate itself from different platforms for its chart tools.

TopMarketCap allowed me to see traders see many symbols all at once, indicators, access to progressed drawing tools, and a Market Screener for cutting edge quick checking of business sectors dependent on standards, for example, technical indicators. So, I found there to be a lot to look forward to, however, not all platforms are perfect. I discovered some things that this platform could definitely improve on. Some of them are mentioned below.

Disadvantages Of TopMarketCap

The platform was not intended for mobile trading with no trading applications accessible. The trading platform is restricted to certain locales with no entrance for Iran and USA traders. The other issue is the platform is only in two dialects, i.e., Germany and English. The education center seemed to be directed towards the beginner level traders. I was hoping that this platform could also extend some material specifically for experienced traders as well.

While for me the TopMarketCap platform is easy to navigate and easy to use, there is an expectation to absorb information with regards to seeing a portion of TopMarketCap’s. The platform has so many tools and insights that it gets overwhelming for new traders sometimes. I also experienced some delay in the live chat support system.

As for the chart, I would say they need to improve their color scheme because it can at times become difficult to contrast the colors and review the chart. Although it is not a much bigger issue, this platform could use some improvements from the user’s point of view.

Broker for Beginners

Broker for Beginners

TopMarketCap offers the accompanying highlights for new traders:

  • Easy to utilize forex platform.
  • 50+ foreign trade markets.
  • The capacity to trade forex, crypto, commodities, stocks, and indices.
  • A range 0f digital currency CFDs.
  • Order types including ensured stop-loss orders.
  • Technical examination ideal for all trading experience.
  • Trader’s guide including specialized analysis and market examination.
  • Trading signals that modify when market-sensitive occasions happen.

One of the critical highlights of the TopMarketCap trading platform that was interesting to me was its risk management tools that are not regularly offered by different specialists. This incorporates ensured negative balance protection (NBP) guaranteeing that I don’t lose more than my deposit. Ensured stop-loss orders are additionally accessible, permitting me to set the most extreme possible loss for trades. Both don’t forestall the high risk of losing reserves, however, the trading tools lessen the high risk by allowing me to set a limit on my losses.

While my trading experience with TopMarketCap has been decent. When I was new to trading with a broker, I did face some difficulty to understand the platform in detail as it has a lot to offer. For this, I suggest their basic account as you can see with how their features to work and the regulations are intact as well by using the basic account. Leverage tools include a lesser degree of risk, so I felt safe making my trades on this platform.

Overview of Features

TopMarketCap consummately incorporates their price programming to the trading interface, I believe it makes it feasible for forex traders to trade straightforwardly from the platform’s charts with the accompanying favorable circumstances:

  • Access to worldwide trading tools.
  • Various sorts of tradable agreements.
  • 24/ customer service.
  • Multiple chart types (5 graph types).
  • Fast and secure HTML5 innovation.
  • A broad choice of specialized tools.
  • Trading graphs are completely customizable.
  • Brokers have high experience in the market.

Risk Management Features

Risk Management Features

While browsing the site I found that TopMarketCap designed its Web Trader platform to run with defensive risk management which includes the following:

  • Negative balance protection.
  • Automated margin closeout.
  • Stop-loss orders.

The risk management planning is also available in the account types that the member will choose. It is important to keep in check your funds and the platform is doing a good job to make sure the clients are completely aware of their trading activities. I think this is a great feature for a trader like me who forgets to look out for the loss limit.

Access to Intelligent Trading Tools

With TopMarketCap I got plenty of advanced trading tools that helped me find new trading opportunities. TopMarketCap electronic charts are controlled by the best in the industry, they are upgraded by the in-house innovation operated by the group of specialists at this broker trading firm. I Discovered some good and unique tools with TopMarketCap’s foundations mentioned below:

  • 5 chart types for various trading styles (Candlestick, Spline, Scatter, Line, OHLC).
  • Performance following graphs, permitting me to analyze two or numerous business sectors.
  • Progressed drawing tools.
  • Custom specialized indicators and studies (Advance/Decline Line, Correlation Coefficient, Double EMA, EMA Cross, VWAP, Williams Fractal, Zig Zag, and substantially more)
  • 360° market view highlights combined in one spot market data, related news, financial schedule, specialized and principal analysis entry, master market examination, and other combinations.

For a new trader like me, I had a rough time figuring advanced tools. So, I had to take my time and even had to consult the customer service or my account manager for some extra guidance in order to understand this platform’s tools. It gets overwhelming but with the right guidance and patience, I was able to really take advantage of this platform.

Real-Time Broker

IG has 200,000 customers around the world and is recorded on the FTSE 250. Key highlights include:

  • 250 Euros least deposit prerequisite for the basic account type.
  • Tier 1 regulations.
  • Strong research and online program.
  • Easy trading account funding strategies.
  • Wide scope of tradable monetary business sectors.

Education Center

 Another sector of this platform that needs improvement is the education center. It is where the new trader will benefit the most compared to the experienced traders. I really wanted to read some more advanced level eBooks, but they were not available for expired traders. Some beginner-level eBooks were helpful to me when I joined the platform. Other than that, the platform offers a glossary which is a useful tool for traders who forget the trading world terminology and often cannot understand certain words. The platform is great with an asset index as well. Whenever I was in search of a specific asset that TopMarketCap offered I always went to the asset index to look for its trading hours and expiry rule.

Overall, I think the eBooks need to be more improved and maybe they could add some video lectures or tutorials to their education center to make it more engaging and enticing for all traders to take advantage of.

Customer Service

Customer Service

There are different varieties of approaches with which I was able to contact the representative of the platform. There is a telephone line that works only for Austria, United Kingdom, and Australia. They need to add more nations so other traders around the world can contact them via phone service. Two more options are email and live chat. My preferred ways are live chat. It is slow at the time, but it is instant, and I can always direct any inquiry their way and the representative always respond to me with a solution. It is not a chatbot that only gives pre-planned information. Because they have real brokers for customer care so they can always solve any of my trading queries and they also taught me how to use some of the trading tools. Email service, however, can take more time and I believe it to be a more formal way for contacting customer care so love chat works well for me.

My Overall View On This Broker

My general take on this platform is that it is reliable, and, in some areas, it does need some improvement. But the main factors of the platform such as the chart, tools, trading capacity, assets, etc., are well developed and any trader whether it be a new or experienced trader can start trading right away. The registration does not have any fee attached and it only takes 5 minutes to set up the account. They also offer a huge variety of account types only so they can incorporate all types of traders and whatever knowledge n trading they might have. The platform’s representatives are educated and professional, as well.

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