RichmondSuper Review

RichmondSuper Review – Is it a Scam or a Reliable Forex Agent?

My review on the RichmondSuper forex trading platform will be all about the quality of its detailed features and what my experience with the broker taught me.  I have tried to incorporate everything that has so far explored the platform.

RichmondSuper is a market creator that offers without commission trading through its platform. The brokerage’s solidarity lies in its trading platform for its education center and the innovative trading tools. This platform offers market assessment, specialized and essentials tools for Forex, CFD, and stock trading.

·         RichmondSuper is a regulated broker.

·         They have comprehensive trader education material.

·         Customer support is responsive and 24/7.

·         Investor security is strong.

·         More than 200 assets

·         No dialects available other  than English

·         Not accessible for US clients.

·         No Video lectures

·         No PayPal payment method

How I Picked This Forex Broker?

I know that each brokerage has various needs and procedures with regards to Forex representative, however, there are a couple of regular highlights that I needed in a Forex broker:

Reliability and Regulations – By managing a regulated brokerage, I had the confirmation that the intermediary has satisfied the working guidelines enforced by the administrative body.

Low charges – A low-expense financier helps me save a greater amount of my profit for myself. I observed that distinctive Forex organizations charged me through commissions and additionally spread markups. However, RichmondSuper does not have any hidden charges.

Platform and trading tools – When I signed into my account, I had all I required to prevail in my trading venture readily available. The best business and forex platform incorporates an education area, security, and online platform to deal with your account, exploration and track positions, and enter trades.

Quick trade execution – When I click the purchase or sell button, a postponement of a couple of moments can cost me big. I wanted to work with a platform that offers constant information and instant executions.

I have been in the trading scene for more than five years. I gained a lot of experience along the way and finding the right kind of forex trading platform is very important which is why I am writing this review so people who are new to trading can know which broker is worth their time.

It is also imperative to note that the platform might lack in certain areas, but most things can be overlooked like they don’t offer PayPal payment methods. The client service can be delayed on Live chat but that may be because of the traffic of traders. There are however well-adapted features as well which I have discussed in bullet points for ease.

Forex Broker

RichmondSuper Trading Accounts

Upon my initial browsing activity on the platform, I discovered that the Trial account is a standard account type (only $250 minimum balance required), which implies it is a spread-only account. With this account, there are no commission charges as trading expenses are remembered for your spreads. In the event that you want to trade CFDs, at that point this is the account to pick. This account is accessible for both retail and expert brokerages. I would rather place this account type to be for the very beginner level trader as it does not offer many features, but other upgraded account types have a lot more and diverse features for the traders.

RichmondSuper Spreads

RichmondSuper is a managing work area brokerage or market creator. This clarifies why the brokerage offers 5 standard accounts. While spreads may appear to be widely contrasted with STP/ECN brokers with no managing desk dealing, it is critical to recall there are no commission costs.

I discovered that there is a huge set of currency pairs accessible consisting of bitcoin, EUR/USD, and BTC/USD. The following is an example of the base spreads for a scope of well-known money sets:

One of the critical highlights of this forex specialist is its straightforwardness. RichmondSuper gives “genuine execution details for active decision making”. This gives execution insights so I can perceive what’s going on with my orders, they wanted me to be certain that the price quote will be conveyed or bettered. To accomplish this, the brokerage gave me quarterly reports on slippage results from its execution framework.

I joined the platform a few years back and I see them improving the site every now and then. They keep on maintaining the features and constantly try to find out what is the core purpose of each trader and how the platform can provide the necessary requirement to all.


RichmondSuper is a globally directed agent which means leverage (now and then called margin) for forex fluctuates relying upon which substance you join RichmondSuper from and the controller for that country.

I think the fundamental component that differentiates RichmondSuper in a jam-packed market is the scope of market analytical tools. The tools help hand-off the market’s considerations about an asset, these are for the most part best for momentary choices. Tools include:

  • Account Supervisor Opinions – Rank/compare and follow tips from a number of the platform’s representatives and market news.
  • Hedge Fund Activity – I gained bits of knowledge and conclusions from driving hedge stock investment managers.
  • Insider Traders – Follow which major inside investors are purchasing and selling their organization.
  • Trading Analyst Recommendations – I Learned key opinion about significant stocks and
  • Traders Trend – Learn the significant trading patterns on the RichmondSuper and other assets provided.
  • News Alerts – News opinions for signs on assets value developments
  • News Trading Sentiment – Find out the best news buzz dependent on keywords.
  • Signals – This merges other assessment tools to give trading in snapshot structure without expecting to leave your chart

Above mentioned points are just some of the features I could gather as much knowledge about but there is more than the platform is offering and simply conjuring each and everything will make this review longer for everyone hence, I will mention some more features that I deemed important to know.

Specialized Tools accessible with RichmondSuper include:

  • Daily Technical Analysis Levels and Ideas–Daily Email from RichmondSuper brokers covering significant files, forex sets, and commodities.
  • Advanced Charting–Technical Indicators, 10-time intervals, Regular and Multi-Chart types, view 8 outlines without a moment’s delay, 5 Chart types (Line, OHLC, Spline, Scatter, and Candlestick) to assist with trading specialized examination.

Major Tools include:

  • Financial Commentary – Tool that gives continuous market experiences to what exactly may leverage in forex developments.
  • Advanced Alerts – Receive alerts, email, or through RichmondSuper Platform so you can keep an eye over market activities.
  • Stock Reports – My account manager always managed to give me the stock reports as I told him my preferred stocks.
  • Latest News – I Received news on the main news occasions around the globe that can affect my trading.
  • Economic Calendar – allowed me to set up alarms for the impending risk occasions.

Education Center

Education Center

The RichmondSuper has an ‘Education Center’ segment where the scope of instruction and learning materials are accessible in 4 distinct manners.

This was important to me and the feature accessible directly through the RichmondSuper trading Platform always helped me towards building myself up as a trader. As it is coordinated into the Platform, I never had to explore away from my graphs and trades. The broker has the accompanying key highlights:

Driving Financial Experts: Here I had the option to tune in to driving monetary specialists around the planet and see about the business sectors.

Live and Interactive Webinars: This component permitted me to ask specialists inquiries and get answers live.

Experiences on The Markets: The broker covers a wide scope of points including system, markets occasions, and market examination for more prominent trading information.

Understanding Trading News: RichmondSuper’s in-house group of representatives talk about market news on a scope of classes including CFD Trading, Commodities, Crypto, Forex, Stocks, Morning Notes to give me additional knowledge into my trades.

Monetary Analysts: Broker’s in-house group investigates financials, political, and news issues that are probably going to affect my trades. Here experts attempt to give an understanding of where essential foundation data isn’t sufficient.

FAQ: This segment attempts to address every one of your inquiries with respect to RichmondSuper highlights, platform, and trading ideas, for example, Forex and how CFDs work. It needs more work to be done by the platform and it does not cover some major inquiries.

Trading Strategy Builder

I found this to be an interesting quantitative trading tool intended to help me trade in stocks’ dynamic portfolio dependent on my selected rules. Filters permitted me to look for stocks dependent on options, for example, market cap and PE proportions, and adjusted further utilizing signs, for example, specialized or principal signals.

My Last Comments

My last words on this platform would be for them to increase the dialects on this platform for nationwide traders. They need to work on proving video related education material. There are things that this platform needs to work out but overall, I see the effort that this broker has put into the trading platform. It is no wonder that I have stayed their member for quite a long time because of the guarantee of quality services they provide.

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