Stairlift Installations for Different Kinds of Stairs

A stairlift installation makes your space disabled-friendly — it enhances the mobility of individuals with walking difficulties and is mindful of their limitations. A stair lift can be manufactured and fitted to almost any kind of staircase — be it straight staircases, curved staircases, or the like.

Designing stairlifts for different staircases

Lifts for straight stairways are the easiest to construct and are the least expensive to install. This is followed by stairways with 90 degrees or 180 degrees turns. In this kind of staircase, there is a need for the construction of two chairs, making it slightly more expensive. There is a requirement for the user to switch over from one stairlift to another at the landing present. The most difficult of the lot is the manufacturing of stairlifts for curved staircases. These require custom stairlift installations with precision at the joining and a proper angle, a task best left to professionals.

The width of the staircase is also crucial for making the installation. If the staircase is too narrow, then there might be safety issues with regard to the installation, as it could become a potential trip hazard or one could bang his or her knees against the wall. The minimum ideal width of the staircase must be between 29 to 32 inches.

The height of the staircase is also crucial — a short staircase will result in a nasty knock on one’s head when put to use. Besides that, the height factor also becomes important when one is considering installing a perch stairlift.

Things to keep in mind while making stairlift installation

A stairlift for a straight stairway can be removed and installed elsewhere as the design is standard and compatible with stairways across the board. The same is the case with stairlifts for 90 degrees or 180 degrees turn staircases — any deficiency in the track can be modified or adjusted. However, in the case of curved stairlifts, there is no scope for refitting the stairways elsewhere, as they are custom-made. These are hard to resell and investment is considered a dead investment once it is made as there is no resale use for these stairs.

It is very important to consider the area where the stairlift will be parked when not in use. Innovative solutions to the same can be in the form of a foldable rail or a partly curved rail near the parking, either at the top or bottom of the rail. In conclusion, Stairlift installation can offer a wide range of advantages that will advance the quality of life!

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