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Identifying the Right Wedding Band for Your Budget

The turbulent times and dire circumstances of 2020 will remain in our memories forever. That is not only because of the enduring hardships, triggered by the COVID-19 global pandemic but also because of the ordeal that lovers had to go through during the pandemic. However, according to Forbes, Americans have started to put the experience aside and begin all over again. Are you planning to get married soon and wondering how to buy a wedding band within your budget? Many couples prefer to go slow given the rising unemployment rates, loss of jobs, pay cuts, and closure of businesses. More and more couples are cutting down the celebrations and trying to avoid splurging unnecessarily.

Set a Budget before Taking the Plunge

Nowadays couples are getting married at an older age than in the olden days. Several couples are already living together before deciding on getting into the bindings of matrimony. You may be already sharing household and daily expenses. You may be old enough to chalk out your budget for the wedding band. You may not have to stick to anyone else’s suggestion about how much you should set aside for your wedding band. However, it is a good idea to determine a tentative budget before you start looking for an appropriate wedding band.

Your budget for your wedding band generally should be 3% of your total wedding budget. However, you do not have to follow any strict rules. It is your call. You may choose a ring that suits your budget and buying potential. Instead of strictly sticking to 3 % of the wedding expenses, you may exercise some flexibility.

You could consider spending 5 percent of your wedding budget on your wedding band and consider reducing your expenses on other areas like music or dessert. Determine an amount to keep aside for your wedding band. Do not forget to discuss monetary issues like this one with your life partner-to-be. Decide on an amount for buying your wedding ring with the consent of your partner. Both of you should feel relaxed and comfortable with the decision. If you are looking for a statement ring, go for it and make it happen. Your wedding band is the stepping stone to your marital journey and bliss. Discuss your priorities before coming to a budget.

Consider the Halo Effect

You could cut down your expenses by opting for a halo effect instead of a big diamond in your wedding band. You could create the right sheen and glitter using smaller diamonds all-around a colored gem or larger diamond. Choose smart designs from Epic Wedding Bands to steal the show.

Use a Vintage Ring to Curb Expenses

You may look around for a family heirloom on either side. You may be having a diamond that could be used in an all-new setting. You could be having a stunning antique ring that has a diamond that may have been poorly cut. You could use a vintage ring for curbing your wedding expenses. It is like putting old wine in a new bottle. Your custom-tailored ring will add an element of charm and a new dimension to your overall appearance.

Choose the Metal Wisely

It is best to opt for alternative metals and avoid precious metals like platinum and gold if you are having a super-tight budget. However, you may understand that 24-carat gold is pure gold and is too soft, hence, not ideal for jewelry making. For jewelry making, gold is often alloyed with some other less expensive metals to make it last longer. If the percentage or proportion of gold is kept low, the price will go down. You can get beautiful diamond rings in 18-carat gold that is far more affordable and practical if you have budgetary constraints.


Try out the above-discussed tricks to keep your wedding expenses within budget. However, you may splurge a bit to get your dream wedding band and sacrifice something else to curb the overall wedding spends. However, if the budget is ultra-tight, keep in mind that you could always opt for a costlier wedding ring later on; after all, you are married to your dream guy forever and not to your wedding ring. You can always get a better one in the future.

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