Hardwood Flooring

Impact of the Type of Hardwood Flooring in your House

House flooring is the first impression you get when you enter the house. The beauty of all other things like paint, furniture, or decoration stuff depends on the house flooring. Wood Flooring has become a top priority of the majority. The reason is that not only it is durable but also gives a solid and charming effect to everything else in the house. Architectures find wood flooring as the most sustainable choice for flooring.

In the past, there was only one option available for hardwood flooring that is; solid hardwood flooring. You only had to choose the stuff and the type of cuts you want to add to your home flooring. But there are a lot of varieties of hardwood flooring now. The most preferred flooring options are engineered and solid hardwood flooring.

Solid vs. engineered hardwood flooring:

As its name signifies, solid hardwood flooring is simply composed of thick pieces of solid hardwood from its top to bottom. It is all-natural wood and not divided into layers. It can be sanded a lot of time during its life. It lasts for centuries if refinished timely. It is categorized based on its material. It is available in different species like oak, maple, hickory, walnut, ipe, acacia, cherry, etc. solid hardwood requires good environmental conditions to sustain. It cannot be used in a humid environment or basements.

Engineered hardwood is not all-natural wood. It is composed of layers of hardwood and plywood. Plywood is synthesized artificially and gives a good finish to the floor. It lasts for 20-30 years and is inexpensive in comparison to solid hardwood. It is easier to install and can be used in basements or humid environments. This is the big advantage of engineered hardwood flooring over solid ones. That is why it is preferred mostly.

Finishing of hardwood floor:

The method of installation of hardwood flooring influences your decoration and budget. Generally, there are two major methods to install hardwood flooring as discussed below:

Prefinished vs on-site finishing:

Prefinished refers to the offsite finishing of the hardwood floor. The hardwood is finished and sanded in the company or manufacturing site and brought home to install it quickly. This type of flooring is more intense and coated many times because of the rich environment of the factory.

On the other hand, on-site finishing is the one in which the wood is sanded and installed on the site. The raw material is brought from the factory and everything is done right at the construction site. This flooring is best for those who want to keep it decorative and make amendments of their will.

You should go for prefinished flooring if you want to save time and lessen the dirt and raw material wastages. It is more strong and defensive than on-site finishing. But if you want to save your costs and add a creative finish of your choice, then you should go for on-site finishing. both the methods have pros and cons but the choice is all yours to make.

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