Importance Of Keeping A Journal After A Car Accident

When you get involved in a car accident, the last thing that may cross your mind is taking out a notebook for journaling. However, while many people do not realize this, keeping a car accident journal can help you a lot. When you write down the events while your memories of the accident are still fresh, you will avoid forgetting the essential details. 

You may think you can remember the details, but it is often a misconception. Human memory fades as time passes. It is important to jot down anything you remember before you forget it. With the help of a car accident lawyer Philadelphia, you will be able to make the best use of your car accident journal. 

What is a car accident journal?

A car accident journal is a notebook containing all the details you can remember about the event. This can include texts, photos, videos, and even emails. A journal may be a physical notebook, or it can be a digital software as well. It should contain the following information: 

  • Times, dates, and other specific details
  • Weather conditions
  • Witness contact information
  • Medical records
  • Updates on your pain/treatment status
  • Police reports
  • Conversations with the insurance company

Remember that your journal’s contents should give your attorney a complete picture of the accident so they can help you. Documentation is crucial in all legal cases. 

Your journal should say how the accident has affected your life

While writing the journal, do not only include the official details but how the injuries and other damages have affected your life. This should include the physical and mental pain you have suffered and the loss of enjoyment you experienced, such as not being able to participate in a sport. 

Remember that your car accident journal is not private

Unlike other journals that are usually kept private, a car accident journal will be seen by your attorney, the other party, and the court. The only way your attorney can help your case is by collecting evidence from your journal and presenting it before the insurance adjusters and the judge if the case goes to court. 

This should not keep you from keeping a journal. Some people might be uncomfortable putting their deepest emotions and feelings on display. However, this is one of the most integral elements in a legal case. 

Not only will your journal increase the chances of winning the case, but you will also recover a better compensation. The better evidence you have, the more the amount

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