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In-Salon Vs At-Home Hair Extensions

Summer’s coming and the world of socialising is opening up again, so you might be thinking it’s time to invest in some extensions to make your long, thick hair dreams come true. Hair extensions can transform your look and come in so many different styles; it’s no wonder they’ve become an essential part of our beauty tool kit.

But the variety of hair extension options out there can be hard to navigate, with clip-ins, semi-permanent and permanent options all up for grabs. While clip-ins are used at home, the permanent and semi-permanent options require assistance from a salon-trained professional to insert. So what’s the difference between at-home and salon extensions, and which are the best? Here are the key pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Clip And Go!

The most popular choice of hair extension that you can use at home is clip-ins. These are easy-to-use strands of hair attached to a row of clips that you fasten into your scalp, with options varying from cheap, synthetic hair to more high-end Luxury Hair Extensions. This temporary method of achieving fuller, thicker hair is perfect for enhancing your look for the weekend or a special occasion, and even the top-of-the-range products are much cheaper than the salon alternative.

Looks for The Long Run

Whereas, salon methods can provide the look that you’re craving as a permanent fixture. This is ideal for anyone who feels constantly unhappy with how their natural hair looks or has issues with fine hair or hair loss. Salon stylists can also mix different shades to achieve a more accurate match to the varying tones in your hair.

Salon extensions can be a lengthy process, with test hair shades and a day at the salon playing into the commitment to the permanent extensions. Meanwhile, clip-ins can be inserted into the hair in minutes and offer a quick fix.

Pick Your Poison

Both clip-ins and salon extensions are available in either synthetic or natural hair types, and while natural hair comes at a higher price point, salon experts recommend this option for longevity. Natural hair comes up trumps in terms of styling as you can apply heat to style and restyle just like the rest of your hair, while synthetic hair cannot withstand heat appliances.

However, if you’re new to the world of extensions and you’re not sure about committing to some pricey hair extensions, synthetic is an affordable way to test the waters.

Hair extensions have the power to provide volume and thickness to any length of hair or can completely transform a bob into a head of hair that reaches your hips. Experimenting with extensions is a great way to switch up your look, and when it comes to choosing between salon or at-home options, it entirely depends on how you want to use them. Both have high-quality offerings that are made to last, and while salon experts can provide a permanent option, clip-ins offer an easy way to experiment with your look.

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