Is ABS another gimmick or a lifesaving measure?

Anti-locking braking systems (ABS) have stopped many accidents and prevented even more from being as severe as they could have been. Let’s explore how ABS works…

ABS helps in stopping a car in an emergency, whether it is moving at a high speed or more slowly, because it is designed to minimise skidding and improve steering control when the brake is applied. In case of an accident, not having an ABS system in your car can lead to severe consequences on your physical health and your car insurance online plan.

In many emergency situations, an anti-lock braking system can save lives. It stops the wheels from skidding into a slide that is difficult to control when the driver abruptly brakes. Instead of a sudden movement, the linear braking works more progressively. The ABS assists the wheels to retain friction and control, thus it takes longer to stop the vehicle even if you completely press the brakes. If you apply the brake and press firmly down without leaving the brake pedal, ABS will perform its job automatically.

The brakes might pulsate and create a buzzing noise when engaged, which might surprise the driver, but there’s nothing to worry about. You may also feel that your car’s brakes are shaking when you press on them firmly which shows that the mechanism works, and drivers must keep their feet firmly pressed.

It is usually easy to see if the ABS system is present in your car or not. It will be mentioned in your car owner’s handbook, and when you switch on the ignition its yellow/orange symbol appears in the dashboard lights as part of the initial system check. You will likely know before this however, as it is a positive selling point for any vehicle.

ABS might help you prevent a car collision on Australian highways and roads with higher speed limits – though it works at any time you’re driving. Usually, the mechanism activates and operates more effectively when the roads are damp after rain. 

Having ABS installed in your car to help prevent accidents increases the safety measures of your car. As the risks involved with a car and its driver are pretty crucial for Comprehensive Car Insurance companies when calculating their premiums, having ABS may lower your vehicle insurance costs. 

ABS is a useful feature for your car as it improves your car’s resale value and may lower the insurance cost but most importantly it helps you stay safe on the roads. The dual protection offered by the ABS and cheap car insurance  protects you and your family from unexpected adversities.

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