Is An Bui A Scammer

Is An Bui A Scammer? Full Scam Reviews of His Online Career Accelerator Program

I was actually browsing the internet about digital marketing when I saw the name An Bui. At first I just scrolled through it and tried to look for more information on how I can start with my digital marketing career goals.

As I scan through pages, An Bui and a certain website,, is always showing! Mixed reviews are popping up. Some say An Bui scammed them. On the other hand, a lot of reviews saying thank you to the guy and his system. Okay, it got my attention.

I want to know if An Bui is a scammer? Is Online Career Accelerator a scam? So I went ahead and checked it out.

Online Career Accelerator

It’s another online training course.  So I want to know how it is different from other courses and why people are crazy about it.

As expected, it will give you the”ultimate promise” of taking your career to the next level. All of the online courses that I’ve checked said that as well, so I am not impressed at first.

But as I browse through it, I saw that the program is specifically tailored for individuals with no degree, skills, or experience. Their coaches will guide you on finding a remote job that you can do part-time or full-time and make a $65k-$120k salary in just months.

This is new. Most of the time, courses offered by others require prior knowledge. This is a much better alternative than other web-based marketing services that cost a lot of money, teach you the basics, and then invite you to join their high-ticket partner marketing program, which allows you to spend a lot of money to get offers before you get paid.

In a swift time, I am like from meh to wow. The more I checked their courses and the services  being offered, the more I want to try it.

And you know what is sweet? If you enroll now, you’ll get 80% off! And yes. I joined the program.

An Bui

On the course of taking the program, I met An Bui. He is the founder of Online Career Accelerator. He’s also a trainer and coach who started getting above-average salary jobs.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise in Digital Marketing, he started building his own foundation and courses to help beginners develop their skills. An Bui believes that everyone can thrive in this field, which is why he has created a detailed course on digital marketing as well as other strategies to assist each student on their road to digital marketing and high-paying remote jobs.

He is well aware of the difficulties in obtaining one’s dream job through the internet. He is well-versed in what employers look for in a resume. I love how he gave me a sample resume draft that was customized to my situation! Job seekers nowadays need a tailored cover letter and resume for each position they apply for.

My Experience with Online Career Accelerator

The educational curriculum was designed to demonstrate the finer elements of modern digital marketing. This is why this course is perfect for everyone because it shows you what  you need to excel in. You’ll have full access to the preparation program as well as one-on-one tutoring and training. For advanced career highlights, the course often includes agendas, contents, and meeting records. This is the real schooling that we, the learner, are going through as we seek help. We’re getting a kickass good deal, and the value you received from the plan was worth the effort and the time. Nothing is irrelevant, this course is worth every penny, I must say.

Live exercises and activities organized by the Online Career Accelerator are also worth checking out. Our mentors and coaches stay up to date on each live option,  sharing point of views, information and techniques.

I even gain access to a private community where I can ask instructors questions about the course, what I don’t understand, and how they can help me stay on track so I don’t get overwhelmed.

The career accelerator program runs for ten weeks. We have the option to take it either fast or slow, depending on our availability, schedules, or learning capacity. The program tackles different topics weekly, as follows:

  • Introduction and mindset
  • High income skills
  • Career accelerator
  • Marketing ads
  • Network mastery
  • Career acceleration
  • Elite series

So, Is An Bui and His Online Career Accelerator a Scam?

Definitely NOT! The Online Career Accelerator has made it possible for everyone to achieve their dream. It has been shown that this online course provider has aided a large number of career changers and beginners, including me.

Remote work is now a part of the modern standard. The pandemic has shown us that we can still make a living at home. It won’t be easy at first, but with the right skills and experience, you’ll be able to upskill and land your dream job.

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