General Features of Quietest Paper


Indeed your company does not want to get their data leaked or something. It is confidential information that should get trashed when not in use. However, tossing those papers into the trash needs to get done properly. For this, you need paper shredders. But, they are a pain in the ears because of their high annoying voice while shredding.

For your ease, you can get the quietest paper shredders that won’t pain your ears alongside getting all the papers to shred into unreadable form. Here are the general features you should know about the best quietest paper shredder.

  1. Noise:

That’s obvious that anything having a motor inside creates some level of noise. Actually, no paper shredder is totally quiet. In fact, the quietest one creates noise, but that’s relatively low and runs smooth. Such kind of shredders has anti-vibration mats on the motor and internal insulation, which helps with the noise issue.

Moreover, the quietest shredders have no more noise than 80 decibels. But, there are still some models having more ability. Also, low noise shredders have certain frictionless blades that require oiling, though.

  1. The capacity of Sheets:

On average, most units can bear 15 sheets easily. But some shredders can only take one sheet at a time. It depends on the quality of your machine.

  1. Size:

The size depends on the place you are getting it for your home or office. A shredder saves space as a stack of paper takes more space when compared to a bucker full of tatters. Particularly, the point is that the taller shredder assures you bigger storage space. It does not make you empty it too frequently. If you can handle it and have enough space, then a taller unit is considerable.

  1. Safety Features:

Safety is the foremost point for everything that has a blade in it. For sure, shredder manufacturers do not want their customers to lose any of their fingers. In this regard, some shredders, some with extremely narrow insertion slots that are not enough for hand to go into. So, you should get a medium size slot to use it perfectly.


Furthermore, some high-quality units have sensors to detect a hand that stops the blade as it senses the hand getting closer. Also, there are machines having a jam-proof blade that reverses the direction to expel out anything getting stuck.

  1. Cutting Styles:

You know what? The noise level of a shredder also has some connection with the style paper gets cut into. The quietest ones are the strip-cut shredders that cut straight into ribbon shapes as it goes straight, so not make much noise.

Final Words:

Shredding paper is something important for all your confidential stuff. However, the annoying noise of the shredder makes it unbearable. So you need to keep it somewhere away and above the ground for lesser vibrations. The quietest paper shredders give some peace to your ears and turn your documents into small pieces or ribbons to not let anyone access them.

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