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The Luckiest Entrepreneurs in Gambling Industry

Can you imagine that your small cash right now can be residing in the bank? Or have you tried going to the lottery and hope for a jackpot as a take-back? Maybe some have done it in simple ways and are now sitting in their own exclusive luxury couch back at home. Some could have just continued making money through gambling and have entered into the business world.

Now, most gamblers have started establishing their own business ventures. It’s how they have maintained their fortune. Or something better has been opened for these business-minded individuals. Many of them have become popular for succeeding in every game while encountering card game bluffs and overwhelming slot game rounds. You can try them for free too with Aristocrat.

To have a better view of the success of the gambling industry, here are the few luckiest and famous gambling entrepreneurs that the world has been talking about:

William Benter

He is more known as Bill Benter, who has entered the horse-racing gamble expedition. After gaining ground from a university with a Physics degree, he mastered his mathematics knowledge applying it to Blackjack casino games. And for the years that have passed, he then made his way to creating a winning formula for gamblers, as he has been very successful in deciphering codes for the winners of horse racing. He is a reigning millionaire in the gambling industry up to the present and is the founder of Benter Foundation and the Hong Kong Rotary Club’s president. His net worth is approximately around $100 Million, and he is also known for helping political parties and some charity organisations.

Edward Thorp

With a PhD in Mathematics, Thorp enticed fellow gamblers with his expertise in the gambling industry by earning $80 million yearly. He is a Blackjack master and a researcher who has been testing the probability of card counting for this casino game using IBM 704. He managed to team up with a professional gambler in order to justify that his methods beat the chances of losing.

While being an MIT professor, he takes his peers to casino houses playing roulettes and blackjacks. As he had opened the light to this cracking of codes in every deal and card shuffles, Thorp became more confident in playing casino games by creating a team of his. His portable card counting computer has been a good aid for other casino goers. His mathematical urges for winning have pulled him up to be one of the fortunate gamers.

He wrote a few books that not only tell his success story but teach the maths behind gambling:

  • A Man for All Markets: From Las Vegas to Wall Street, How I Beat the Dealer and the Market
  • Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One
  • The Mathematics of Gambling

Zeljko Ranogajec

Another horse betting guru made almost a billion dollars for each year. He is not as famous as other gamblers around the globe, but he is a silent lucky gambler who possesses a winning mathematical strategy. He has a trained photographic memory that gave a big advantage in multiplying his wins back then. His career in keno, blackjack and horse racing were carried when he landed at Newfield Limited, a sports and racing company.

No interviews were given, but Ranogajec, a secretive gambler, is a real deal from various casinos that recorded his gameplay. He has an advanced strategy for gambling actually and stems from contracts targeting gambling analysts and other bettors. This way, he is given information and thus constructs methods that will return to his favour. But for a glimpse, a magazine says that he has a net worth of $600 million.

Amarillo Slim

Anyone who participated in the first World Series of Poker is hailed as a professional and victorious gambler. Thomas Austin Preston, Jr. is a well-known gambler who had an unstoppable number of wins in gambling history. He was the talk of the town as he won the WSOP or World Series of Poker in 1972. And for the record, he has earned over $587 million during his Poker career.

Phil Ivey

The youngest successful gambler of all time is Phil Ivey, a rookie who paved the way to 10 bracelets from his victory in the World Series of Poker. He also has a World Poker Tour salutation and is the best player worldwide. His 14 years of gambling experience is incomparable to other gambling protégés. His quick victories have moved him forward to gaining more luck in every game, especially on the Poker table. Nobody produces a net worth of $100 million, but Ivey alone can work on this almighty dollar target either online or by participating in casino tournaments.

Chris Ferguson

He has 6 WSOP bracelets, 2 World Poker Tour, and 1 European Poker Tour. His strength in gambling is made up of his strategic mathematics skills in gaming and computer proficiency. His own simulations in owning the Poker table have led him to also become a director of an online poker portal which is Full Tilt Poker. And at the moment, this PhD in computer science holder has a present net worth of $80 million.

Chris Moneymaker

Who would doubt a person with a surname rhyming with money? Chris Moneymaker is the person who just had a $40 and came out of the Poker event with almost $2.5 million during the WOSP. And since that glorious event, Moneymaker is now a hall of fame in the gambling industry. From being an accountant to a superstar, he turned down his job and continued his gambling journey. He was part of Harrah’s Entertainment and PokerStars. Alongside these companies, he then managed to establish his own Moneymaker Gaming.

Huck Seed

An American pro born in Santa Clara, California, has 5 WOSP bracelets and a total earning ranging from $3.6 million and more. He was known to be a basketball geek and started his Poker career in the 1990s. He also played for Team Full Tilt but made his exit and still enjoyed the cash tables online. As he has been winning multiple tournaments, just recently, in December 2020, he was inducted to be part of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Parting Shot

Having a goal-oriented mindset, critical-thinking skills, and computing strength is the key to accessing the door of big wealth. The gambling industry is a place that will challenge your point of view towards money. It might either make a person rich or forever bankrupt. But before thinking this could only lead you to not making money from it, dare first to sit for a moment on a cash table or play other casino games. There are demo games you can start with, and once you finally make a move, your road to becoming a lucky entrepreneur is on deck.

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