Is Atlanta Cheaper Than Chicago

Is Atlanta Cheaper Than Chicago?

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, can change your life by giving you job opportunities, affordable prices for products, organized transportation, and proper safety.

Meanwhile, Chicago the homeland for more than 2 million people. It is another wonderful place to buy a one-way ticket to. Literally, every block of the city has some surprises for you.

If you are confused between the cost of living in Atlanta and Chicago and want to make an informed decision for your next destination, you are in the right place. Stick up to the end to see the comparison between their living costs and find out which one is cheaper-

Housing Unit

The cost of a housing unit is the first thing to add to your moving budget. Well, you may want to straight-up buy a housing unit. For every square meter in Atlanta, it costs $5,165 on average. The cost is $5068 in Chicago, making it a bit cheaper to buy properties.

For a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta, you will have to pay $1,567 per month on average. In Chicago, this monthly rate is $1,856. Both of these rates are applicable if you want to rent in the city center. It is comparatively cheaper outside the center. A three-bedroom apartment in the city center has a monthly $2,900 rate in Atlanta and $3541 in Chicago.

That makes Chicago a bit expensive in terms of renting.

Utility Bills

Different types of utilities have separate bills that make them important to keep track of. But overall, you will pay around $167 per month on utilities in Atlanta and $148 in Chicago.

For a speedy internet connection, Atlanta requires you to pay $71. In Chicago, it is $64. As a result, Chicago is a bit cheaper in terms of utilities.

Grocery Costs

No matter wherever you live, you may experience changes in grocery costs constantly. The same can be said about Atlanta and Chicago too. In Atlanta, the grocery markets have higher grocery costs than in Chicago. Expect to spend around $324 in Atlanta and $299 in Chicago per month.


If you want to pass the hassle of cooking and have some delicacies outside, both cities have some great restaurants. To have a meal in a regular restaurant, the price can be $15 in Chicago and a dollar lower in Atlanta.

For a three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant for two people in Atlanta, keep $50. In Chicago, it is $72. An expensive restaurant will cost $288 in Chicago and $200 in Atlanta if you go there once a week for a month.


If we sum up the entire cost, the average cost of living is $5,100 in Atlanta and $5,575 in Chicago. Well, the difference is not that much.


Now that you have found your answer, we should also remind you that both cities have amazing services. They are unique in their way. We should say that the difference is not very much between the cities, and Chicago even has lower costs in some ways. After analyzing the pros and cons of living in Atlanta and Chicago, hopefully, you will find your suitable place.

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