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Is Using a Straight Razor Bad for Your Skin?

Do you often get redness after shaving or suffer from ingrown hair? Unfortunately, men suffer from a lot of skin irritation after shaving, and this is particularly true if they are shaving every day. Men often accept this and think it is just their skin. But, the truth is, it could be down to the tools you are using. There might be too many blades on the razor, or they are not sharp enough. There could even be irritation because they are not clean.

Many men are making the switch to a straight razor. Indeed, it can deliver a close shave. But, if you have trouble with your skin, you might be apprehensive. Will a straight razor cause further problems? Let’s take a closer look.

Straight Razors Have Sharp Blades

The main reason why men assume that a straight razor might aggravate their skin problems is that it has a sharp blade. Often, there is the misconception that a sharp blade can irritate the skin more. However, we want to clear this one up once and for all. Know that having a sharp blade is a good thing. Not only do you enjoy a closer and better shave, but it is actually good for your skin. Let’s break it down and see why.

Less Friction

Something you have to be aware of is friction. When you have a blunt blade, you are going to have more friction against the skin. This might be why you are experiencing irritation. You are harming the skin and this is making it red, itchy and uncomfortable. You need to make sure you are lessening the friction.

The best way to do this is to first, prepare the skin for shaving. This means using a moisturising balm or shaving foam. This softens the hairs, and when combined with a sharp blade, there will be less friction. Head to to buy a straight razor that has a sharp blade and will help you achieve a good shave. The razors are made from high-quality materials to ensure less friction.

Fewer Passes

Another reason that men suffer from redness and irritation after shaving is that they use blades over and over again on the same part of the skin. In other words, they need a lot of passes in order to shave off the hair. Again, this comes from a blunt blade. Constantly shaving the same part of the skin will irritate it.

The good thing about a straight razor is that the sharp blade allows for fewer passes. You do not have to keep shaving the same areas to remove the hair. With the right technique, you can do this in one or two passes.

Maintain the Blade for Best Results

It is important that you always work to keep the blades on your straight razor sharp. This is something that does not take long, and you will get used to this upkeep. In particular, you will need a strop. You should learn how to strop the razor, which should be done after around one or two shaves.

In addition, you will want to hone the blades too, which happens around two to three months after constant use. Always check the blades and make sure they are sharp enough. For example, if the razor starts to pull against your hair, you will need to strop and hone the blades.

Yes, there is some maintenance involved with a straight razor. But, this is something people are prepared to do in order to look after their skin. It can also be more affordable in the long run. You work to maintain the same blade, and you do not have to make any additional purchases later on. So, you can say goodbye to purchasing new cartridges for your razor or having to buy disposable ones all the time. You just have one shaving tool to look after and enjoy.

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