Reasons Why You Should Do Duct Cleaning and What is the Process of Servicing

Reasons Why You Should Do Duct Cleaning and What is the Process of Servicing

Most of the commercial and residential buildings these days are using HVAC systems to heat or cool the place. It is a great choice based on different factors like efficiency, costs and safety.  But one thing that is certain about the HVAC systems – you need to have all the components regularly cleaned and serviced, in order to ensure proper work and clean air circulated throughout your property. Clean ducts are the key to success, but cleaning them is a job that needs to be done accurately and with attention to details. To get the whole system cleaned perfectly, many people choose to trust a professional, to save time, money and effort.  Most of the duct cleaning companies, such as Nifty Duct Cleaning work well with both cooling and heating systems and not only will have the whole HVAC checked for issues. If there are any issues – the professionals will even have it repaired. 

There are different DIY methods to clean your ducts, but we always advise getting them professionally serviced and checked. 

1. Dust and debris 

If the system in your house is not installed or maintained adequately, it can get contaminated by dust, pollen and different debris.  Moreover, if you live in an area with higher humidity, if any moisture gets into the HVAC, mould can grow inside, which can lead to different bacteria released in the air you breathe, which certainly can lead to dangerous health conditions, allergies and other issues. 

If moisture gets into the system, mold can grow and mold spores may be released from the system into the air.

2. Lower performance and higher bills

If your system is not serviced in a long time, you might notice that the bills are increasing, while the system’s performance is not as good as expected. This thing, however, might take time to be noticed, but it will strongly affect your budget. 

3. Comfort

When the HVAC is polluted and dirty, you might notice bad and odd smells in your house, the quality of your sleep can get worse as well. But if you try cleaning it by yourself, you might actually make it worse – damaging any part of the system will lead to expensive repair costs. And in addition, if you get an expert to repair and clean it – this will happen fast, and successfully to ensure your peace of mind. 

How do professionals do it? 

Basically, when you call a specialist to clean and repair your system the first thing they would do is inspect and check the condition of the HVAC. This is the first step which helps to determine the size of the pollution and if there would be any repairs needed. Using special equipment, techniques and detergents, the professionals would be capable of doing the work efficiently. They start by removing all the cover and cleaning them, then via special vacuum machines and brushes, you will quickly have the inside of the ducts cleaned. Of course, along with this, all professionals will pay close attention to the filters, vents and removing any type of possible contaminants. Each case is different, so the following steps may vary. At the end of their visit, you will get an inspection, so you can rest assured no further issues will occur.  

When should we service the HVAC?

The experts from Metro Duct Cleaning advise that your system should be serviced at least twice a year even if there are no notable issues with it. Prevention is always a good idea! Also, it is a MUST to check the HVAC professionally when you are buying a new property or when you are selling.  The main indicators that there is something wrong may include: odd smells; lower performance; strange noises; mould visible on the ceilings; allergies and many more. 


Ducts are often underestimated, but  they actually have a great impact over our life. Good air quality and efficiency is important for our health and well being. This is why we should have our whole system maintained and cleaned professionally and regularly. This can be a bit costly for many people, but it is an investment that pays off – it will prolong the lifetime of the system and lower your bills. 

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